Rainbow Party General Secretary Wynter Kabimba says he knew that Michael Sata would fire him due to his tendency of speaking his mind.

And Kabimba says his wife and other family members advised him to quit politics after being fired.

Speaking on Millenuim Radio today, Kabimba said he even refused to move into a ministerial house because he knew he would soon be fired.

“I actually used to make statements that actually, this to me it is a job that has been given to me by the president and I know that one day I will be out of this job and hence my refusal to occupy a ministerial house for the period that I was Minister of Justice for two years. I remained in my house when I remained in parliament as a nominated member of parliament. I refused to take a car loan because I knew that I speak my mind and I could be fired anytime I know myself very well. I can only drive one motor vehicle at a time. I knew myself that I could get fired at any time, why? Because I speak my mind I don’t when how to say no when I mean yes,” Kabimba said.

He said he left the PF because he was unhappy with events that started unfolding after Sata died.

“I didn’t leave because I was being disciplined or because I was removed as secretary general of the party or because I was relieved of my duty as Minister of Justice that is not why I left. I left because I was dismissed on the 28th of August and 2 months later Michael Sata died and the events that followed were not what some of us subscribed for and I couldn’t see myself fit in that culture so I had to make a decision, the same conscious decision that I made when I was joining PF. I had to revisit my decision whether or not my continued membership of the party would add value to the party,” Kabimba said.

“There were so many accusations during that period one of them was that I had created parallel structures the other one was that I was dividing the party that I was being divisive and that kind of a thing. So I said to myself ‘oh my God Wynter, if these are the accusations then you have stopped adding value to the organisations that you cherished so much, why don’t you leave it to the others to continue with it,.”

And Kabimba said his family was against him continuing politics.

“My family was very opposed to my continuing of politics I was under a great deal of pressure from my children and my wife, my immediate family were like ‘give it up, stop it’. I was also under pressure from my colleagues that had also left PF that time because they were not pleased with the happenings in PF and the culture that was emerging so I was caught in between a rock and a hard place so I had to persuade my family that this is a course and it is a long haul and hence the formation of the Rainbow Party. The Rainbow Party with or without me will one day form government,” said Kabimba.