Wynter Kabimba says the failure by police to disclose the owners of the seized Mukula logs in a container at Garden Police in Lusaka is confirmation that there are ministers involved.

Kabimba who is Rainbow Party General Secretary said, in an interview, that it was no longer a secret that a number of ministers were involved in the illegal cultivation and exportation of Mukula, which was making it difficult for police to act against them.

“Well, I don’t think it is a secret anymore that the Mukula scandal has got big government officials involved in it including some of the ministers, that information is in the public domain. They are involved not just by themselves but are involved together with some foreigners, that is also in the public domain,” Kabimba said.

“For the police to move away a truck which was a subject of press inquiry and leaving a container their goes to confirm what what the public has been saying that this Mukula thing is a big scandal which has spread into government and involves ministers and other officials, is certainly true. And that’s why the scourge can not come to an end because some government ministers are involved in it,” Kabimba said.

He challenged the top police command to announce to the public the names of the people behind the Mukula logs which journalists have been asking about.

Kabimba observed that police were covering up criminals behind the illegal trade of Mukula.

“We are also investigating this matter as a party. We want to get to the bottom of it because Police are covering up the criminality because there are some big fish involved. So for you [the media], you should be putting pressure on the police [because] if the police can hide criminality then it means that the integrity of the police itself is being called into question. How can they impound a truck without disclosing the owner? he wondered.

Kabimba blamed the PF government for all the problems the country was facing.

“Everything going on in this country just tells you that this is a government of selfish leaders, we know for example that even when this ban was announced, in place there were some small Zambian businessmen that were issued with licenses to deal in Mukula tree export and when they were found with consignments of Mukula tree, those consignments were confiscated from them only to end up being sold by some government ministers. So you are dealing with a government that is not representing the people that elected it, if they so elected. We have some ministers that are self serving instead of serving the people,” Kabimba said.

He urged Zambians to vote out the PF in 2021.

“ We are going towards 2021 so that the people can make a decision again, a proper decision this time around. People must vote properly in 2021 and make sure that the PF government is out of power, that’s what they should do if they want to redeem themselves out of poverty and eradicate corruption. They must make sure that the PF is voted out of power,” said Kabimba.