Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili says Vice-President Inonge Wina is a woman of integrity who has no scandals.

But Kambwili says some people in the PF are not fit to be ministers.

Debating a motion on heads of expenditure to the Office of the Vice-President yesterday, Kambwili said he had a lot of respect for Vice-President Wina because she was disciplined.

“I support the allocation to the Office of the Vice-President and I want to state that if there is any office at the moment that I have a lot of respect for in this country, it is the Office of the Vice President. The person who is occupying this office is a woman of integrity, no scandals at all to the extent that we don’t even know her backyard staff because the woman is very disciplined. We don’t see the people who work in this office showing off and doing things to show that they work in the Office of the Vice-President. Madam Vice-President, keep it up. Posterity will judge you very well. You have executed your job since you were appointed very well and I admire working with you unlike other people and other offices,” Kambwili said.

“Madam chairperson, this Office of the Vice-President is extremely important, it looks after certain departments that have direct impact on the poor people and if we can use this office very well, I can rest assure you that our call for diversification in the agriculture sector can be easily attained. What we need is to invest a lot of money in the resettlement package like what president Kaunda used to do, I remember there was resettlement scheme called Kambilombilo, where all the youths who were unemployed and who were taken out of school were taken and they would start agriculture. If the Office of the Vice-President was to be given more money, we can revive that resettlement package and I can tell you that the kind of production that can be done, in terms of agriculture, would wipe away all the unemployed youth on the streets.”

And in apparent reference to Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo, Kambwili said some people were not fit to be ministers.

“Today we have a lot of alcohol abuse such that the poor youths, boys and girls are being used for unreasonable kind of conduct by irresponsible leaders. They are taken to go and run in the streets, insulting others and calling certain areas a no go area. When people are ministers, your behaviour must be exemplary otherwise we will soon be going to the Chief Justice to ascertain whether some people are fit to hold the office of minister,” said Kambwili.

“The youths who fall under the Office of the Vice-President being used irresponsibly have every connection to this vote and this is what I am talking about. I think the resettlement department under the Office of the Vice-President must save our youths from these unreasonable ministers, cadre ministers who are behaving as if confrontation and fighting, insulting others is the order of the day. But anyway, we have ourselves to blame because some of these people, we knew them before we adopted them, we knew their characters. So let the office of resettlement of the Vice-President please take up this issue of resettling these youths to avoid them being misused.”