UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has urged his supporters to start mobilising the party on the ground while he focuses on the dialogue process with the ruling party, saying anything can happen at any time.

Speaking during the launch of the UPND card renewal exercise in Mandevu yesterday, Hichilema told his supporters that everybody was his party’s campaign manager.

“We want to restore the rule of law, we want to restore Human Rights, we want the police to stop brutalising citizens, those guns are ours, they are not for policemen no. we don’t want PF cadres to be beating people, we want an independent Electoral Commission, we want those in prisons to be released, and the list goes on and on, that is what we will be doing in the dialogue process. So us will focus on the dialogue process while you, you must focus on mobilising the party on the ground because anything can happen at any time,” HH said.

“When you see the man starting to warn judges, he knows what is inside there, it’s a known issue. So since the issue is known, if I can be on the Copperbelt for the dialogue process, you should be mobilising the party on the ground because anything can happen anytime.”

The opposition leader said Zambians in North Western Province showed their anger to President Lungu on his recent visit there because the Head of State rigged the 2016 elections.

Did you see what happened in Kenya? Now someone is scared and warning judges because he knows what is in the papers, you think he doesn’t know? He knows. That is why when he sleeps, he starts dreaming ‘you Hakainde what are you doing in state house’. He goes to Solwezi and wants to do a moving coffin, people were shouting forward forward. Then he gets upset and says ‘I know you people here don’t like me’ and the people told him ‘yes we don’t want you because you store HH’s votes’. Even you, can you celebrate when someone is stealing your votes? Can you celebrate when there is poverty in your homes?asked HH.

“If there is a time when Zambians have suffered, it is under this leadership. There is no money in homes, everything is scarce, there is no food. Now please don’t be upset with HH, that anger should go to the PF government which is stealing money, that is where thieves are. So everybody is a campaign manager for UPND from today.”