Rainbow Party Leader Wynter Kabimba says the newly formed Socialist party leader Cosmas Musumali should explain to Zambians what his party will do which the Rainbow is not doing.

Kabimba told News Diggers in an interview that it was good that Musumali who was his 2016 running mate decided to form his own party after failed attempts to hijack the Rainbow party unconstitutionally.

Asked if the formation of a second socialist party in Zambia would help drive forward the socialist ideology, Kabimba said the approaches of the two groupings would be different.

“We wish them good luck, that is there constitutional right, because their first intension was to destroy the Rainbow party. When they realised that they cannot take over the Rainbow party unconstitutionally, of course they left. And now they have formed their own political party, we wish them good luck,” Kabimba said.

Asked if he was happy with the birth of another socialist movement in the country, Kabimba said that did not matter, but challenged Dr Musumali to disclose the names of the people in the leadership of his new party.

“Its not about what makes me happy in this world. it doesn’t have to make me happy or make me sad, no. I have not defected myself, so the person who should be making news on the ground is Dr Musumali. I thought you would be asking him who is your vice president, who is your Secretary General?” he wondered.

“When you are announcing [the formation of the party] you must have a line-up. You cant just announce alone, surely there were some people there, he had some chola boys around. I told you we are happy for them, it is good that they have formed their own political party because they were trying to hijack the Rainbow Party unconstitutionally. And when they failed, they left and now they have formed their political party which is their constitutional right.”

And Kabimba mocked the new party, wondering what Dr Musumali will kill with the hoe and pick on their caps and T-shirts.

“The fact that there are two groups now means our approaches will be different. Again that is what you should be asking them ‘what are you going to do which Rainbow is not doing?’ that is what is making news. What are they going to do which Rainbow is not doing apart from seeing a kama hoe and a pick? Whom do they want to kill using that pick which is on the Kasote? You should be asking them ‘what is the difference between your socialist party and the Rainbow party which is also a socialist outfit?’ That is the news we want to hear from them,” said Kabimba.

“So what was the whole idea yesterday, just to get a picture of Musumali nakasote (cap) naka pick? They should have outlined. Us what we did in Rainbow we registered, then we launched. So we told everybody to say this is who we are. So you cant hold a kama press briefing in a lodge with five people and only to tell people ‘we are going to tell you more when we launch’ why don’t you wait until you launch?”