Former Siavonga District Commissioner Brave Mweetwa has resigned as Patriotic Front District Chairman for that area following alleged personal differences with his successor Lovemore Kanyama.

And in an interview with New Diggers! Mweetwa confirmed his resignation but could not state the reasons why he decided to resign.

He said that he rendered his confidential resignation letter to the provincial authorities.

Mweetwa further said he wants to concentrate on his new position of PF member of the National Youth Executive which he was recently appointed.

“I relinquished my position and tried to concentrate on the national level because I am a member of National Youth Executive Committee of PF chaired by Honourable Stephen Kampyongo. So I have got another responsibility but the reasons why I relinquished to pave way for another person to manage the party at district level, those are details which are confidential within the circles of PF and these details can only be availed to the public or to media by the Secretary General’s office or by the provincial Chairman’s office. But for me, its all confidential and all what is going on in the social media, I am following it, but its all fake,’ Mweetwa said.

He said there were no issues between him and the current DC who is also his successor.

“Otherwise me I am a true member of the Patriotic Front who has never joined any political party in my life so I know how to deal with internal issues and issues that are suppose to be for the public consumption. There is nothing between me and DC Siavonga, thats a lie. Don’t believe in social media.

And Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama equally denied having any personal issues with Mweetwa and said the two were in good books.

“I don’t think there is anything between me and him. What he did to resign from that position as District Chairperson, the man has been given another position at the national level. So him he wants to concentrate with the national level position where he has been appointed. So it has nothing to do with the DC or him that maybe we are fighting each other, there is nothing like that,” said Kanyama.