The University of Zambia Lecturers’ and Researchers’ Union (UNZALARU) says parliamentarians should rise above partisan politics when deliberating on matters affecting their electorates.

In a statement , UNZALARU secretary general Kelvin Mambwe stated that the union was dismayed by PF MPs decision to vote against a motion to expedite payment of benefits to retirees.

“The union has noted with dismay the partisan politics MPs are engaging in when conducting deliberations in parliament on matters affecting their constituents. We are concerned by this behavior primarily because MPs, whose attitudes and actions do not represent the views, interests and aspirations of their voters but their own selfish interests and those of their political masters, hurt the progress and development of Zambia. Our concern has come in light of the parliamentary events that characterized the National Assembly of Zambian which the majority of the Members of Parliament voted against a progressive motion to compel government to be meeting its statutory obligations to retirees on time,” Mambwe stated.

“We are shocked that some MPs, (some of whom are retirees themselves waiting to be paid their pensions) can stoop so low to vote against a progressive motion aimed at assisting the majority of their constituents simply because the proposers of the motion were from a different political party. We find this action a serious lack of concern and seriousness for the people the MPs that shotdown the motion represent.”

Mambwe appealed to all members of parliament to put the interest of the people and the nation first above everything else.

“Therefore, UNZALARU wishes to appeal to all the MPs to be professional and progressive in their legislative duties as they serve their constituents and the nation at large. We further urge MPs to always remember that they are representatives of the people and the nation and not simply the parties they represent,” stated Mambwe.