Unruly PF cadres yesterday stormed Feel Free Radio station in Eastern Province and ordered staff to stop airing a paid-for political programme that featured National Democratic Congress (NDC) provincial chairperson Samuel Phiri.

A Feel Free Radio Staffer confirmed the development to News Diggers in an interview.

“The cadres came to the Radio station threatening violence to staff members. One of our members who is actually Pregnant was hit in the stomach,” the staffer narrated.

“The confrontation went on for some time, but eventually they left without achieving their mission. They threatened that they will continue to deal with anyone talking negative about the ruling party.”

Meanwhile, Eastern Province NDC Chairman Samuel Phiri who was featured alongside the Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary said the launch of the party in the Province was successfully.

“A lot of people that were phoning in were really appreciating the launch of NDC in Eastern Province because apparently people were just speculating. But apparently, after I just finished presenting the programme, that’s when PF cadres stormed the Radio station trying to break the door [to the studio],” said Phiri.

Phiri said his party had lodged in a complaint to the police and police was already on the ground hunting the cadres who were currently on the run.