Chishimba Kambwili says the Constitutional Court should declare President Edgar Lungu eligible to stand in 2021 so that he can fall from the ballot and cry like his godfather, Rupiah Banda.

And the National Democratic Congress political consultant says government will create destitution if it completely bans street vending.

At a press briefing, Tuesday, Kambwili said President is a disaster of a Head of State.

“Lungu you are disaster to this nation! That’s why I am saying the court should not even waste time to say Lungu is ineligible. Let the court declare Lungu eligible so that akaponene mu ballot, elo akeshibe ati abantu ba Zambia tabatumpa (so that he can fall from the ballot, that way he will know that Zambians are not stupid),” Kambwili said.

“The people of Zambia are patient but not stupid, I would like Lungu to appear on the ballot in 2021 [so that] akalile filya fyalilile godfather wakwe Rupiah Banda (so that he can cry the way his godfather Rupiah Banda cried. Elo mukamona [utubantu] utwapala Kaizer [Zulu] ifyo tukafyompauka kwati niba kwindi belefuma kubwendo (That’s when you will then see little people like Kaizer Zulu scamper like rats coming from a hole). Uku ukusamwa tumwene its too much (the kind of over zealousness we have seen in PF is too much), kwatifye niba koswe mumpoto (just like rats in the pot).”

He wondered why it was so difficult for Zambians to own land when Chinese nationals were building properties all over the place.

“How can you allow foreigners to own land easily like that? All the buildings coming up in Lusaka now belong to Chinese nationals and they have got titles. We have the Minister of Lands, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Lands, can we please look into this issue? Zambia is for Zambians not for Chinese. This idea of giving land to the Chinese must come to an end. We have nothing against the Chinese but I can tell you they are very aggressive people in getting what they want,” Kambwili said.

“Today, retail business has been taken up by Chinese, the people of Zambia used to go to China to order things and resale here but the Chinese have started bringing the same things and selling them at the price they sale in China [thereby] kicking out all the Zambian retailers. Certain businesses under NDC will be reserved for Zambians, no Chinese will be allowed to run a retail shop because we are just creating jobs for the Chinese by allowing them to trade in some of these areas and when you go into some of these Chinese shops, most of the workers are Chinese, how they get permits, no one knows, meanwhile, you have kept on sending the people of Zambia into destitution, into suffering, what a government!”

Meanwhile, Kambwili asked government to clean the streets without affecting vendors’ economic standing.

“The issue of street vending is now becoming a national concern, we have said this before and I want to say it again that the current administration led by His Excellency humble man Edgar Lungu, the great leader of this [great] nation, is no longer a PF that we all aspired for and fought for. Everybody who is reasonable and is a true member of the Michael Sata PF will agree with me that what we have now is fully fledged MMD government. What do I mean? MMD did not tolerate street vending, when late President Michael Sata came into office, he realised that there were very few jobs and some small businesses which we can refer to as street vending. Now the question that we should ask ourselves is, is there any country in the world where there is no street vending? I have travelled extensively and in all countries there is street vending. But look at how they keep their streets, despite the street vending, the streets are very clean in these countries because there are people sweeping every minute of the day,” said Kambwili.

“Those people you saw on the streets yesterday (Monday) protesting, surely, are you going to make all those people suffer just for the sake of Cholera? And when you take all those protesters you must multiply by 10 because in each household, on average, people keep up to about 10 people. Meaning that in a household, there will be about 12 members. Now if you multiply all those people yesterday, we are talking about the entire population of Kabwe being thrown in the cold and these are people whose businesses are from hand to mouth and their capital is about K60. Now if you abruptly remove them from the streets without finding them an alternative place to trade from, you are simply saying ‘we don’t care about you’. I think government should solve this problem of Cholera without creating another issue because you don’t solve one problem by creating another. I mean what is the advantage of cleaning the streets and at the end of the day send people into destitution?”