Whether you scream or insult, President Edgar Lungu is winning the 2021 elections, says Luapula Province Minister Nixon Chilangwa.

And Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela has advised members of the newly formed National Democratic Congress (NDC) to stop fighting Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili’s battles when they are not even sure of what he wishes to achieve.

Speaking when they received former NDC member of the central committee in charge of general education and chairperson for Luapula Province Dr Paul Mbulo, Chilangwa, who is also PF Provincial Chairperson advised those vying for Presidency in 2021 should start campaigning for 2026 instead because the ruling party had already won the polls.

“I want to tell the country and this I will tell for free, the issue of who wins the elections in 2021 is a forgone conclusion. Whether you scream, run or insult, we know that President Edgar Lungu is winning in 2021 and PF is continuing,” Chilangwa said.

“Those who want leadership for the country should focus on 2026 because 2021 is gone, it’s ours. The thing we can do and ask our colleagues is that let’s support President Edgar Lungu for 2021 and move forward. For those with aspirations [to become President of Zambia] should focus on campaigning for 2026 because PF under President Lungu is winning elections in 2021. So my brother [Dr Mbulo] welcome back to the winning team.”

He it was unacceptable for Kambwili to force people into joining the NDC when he was still clinging to PF himself.

“As Provincial Chairman for Luapula Province and member of the central committee, we are happy to receive you back Dr Mbulo. We have worked with you in the past and we have worked very well so I am very happy that you are back. But I want you tell all those who are still fighting other people’s battles. Those people who are being coerced to join NDC are fighting battles on behalf of an individual which they don’t understand. The individual is seated in PF but he’s pushing others to go ahead in NDC, that’s unacceptable. You cannot do that, what type of selfishness is that?” asked Chilangwa.

And Chitotela said Dr Mbulo’s resignation signified the end of NDC in Luapula Province.

“As one of the MPs in Luapula, we are excited that Luapula must continue to be the bedrock of the Patriotic Front. And the fact that you have decided to come back to the team, we will continue enhancing and consolidating the strength of PF in Luapula Province. My brother you are welcome and we will emrace you as members of parliament and as a party that together, we will consolidate and those that could have been mislead, we ned them. We will work with you to make sure that they come back to the party and just the honourable minister of Luapula province has said, 2021, we need to give President Edgar Lungu 100 per cent Luapula Province. If it is possible that after you resigned you remained the only senior party member of NDC in Luapula then with you coming, I think that signifies the end of the NDC in Luapula so that we remain only with one party. This is not to say we don’t embrace multi partism but if it is not adding value to the economic being of the people of Luapula and Zambia then let it be. So Dr Mbulo, you have made a wise decision to come back,” said Chitotela.

Meanwhile, Dr Mbulo explained that he had decided to rejoin the PF because he believed that President Lungu was Michael Sata’s vision carrier.

“I, Dr Mbulo Paul Kakunta wish to inform you that after a deep reflection and consultation with friends and family, I have resigned as member of the central committee in charge of general education and chairperson for Luapula Province from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) with immediate effect. It was an honour for me to work with you and other members of NDC and serve in the above respective positions. I will forever cherish the opportunity given to me. As a grassroots organiser and student of late President Michael Chilufya Sata in the school of political mobilisation, I have decided to rejoin the Patriotic Front, the family I have been with since 2003. PF and the able leadership of His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the PF is one party that I have been with for 14 years till the time I went to join NDC but I believe that the vision of our late President Mr Michael Chilufya Sata still lives on our shoulders and it’s my executive duty to make sure that we pursue and move forward the agenda of Michael Sata as a country and not as an individual,” said Dr Mbulo.