Former Water Development Minister Lloyd Kaziya says he will leave it to the people of Zambia to judge him whether he was a corrupt minister or not.

Speaking to News Diggers in an interview after he was fired by President Edgar Lungu from his ministerial position, Kaziya who is also Matero PF member of parliament said he will move with his head high knowing that he was not corrupt.

“I will leave it to you, do I look corrupt? With my humble background, do I look corrupt? I want you people to judge me for who I am. I will not make any further comment other than that. I think I can move in town with my heard high,” said Kaziya.

On Wednesday, President Lungu fired Kaziya and replaced him with Minister of General Education Dennis Wanchinga.

Last year, the President said there was too much corruption involving his Cabinet Ministers and warned that he would fire them.