UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema yesterday told his supporters that he used to dream about exam questions before sitting in an exam room, adding that he still possesses the same special powers which are now telling him that regime change is coming to Zambia.

And Hichilema says it makes sad reading to see government getting 80 percent in taxes from poor Zambians leaving them with only 20 percent of their income.

Speaking at a jazzed up press conference in Lusaka Wednesday, where he received about 700 PF and MMF defectors from Lusaka, Kabwe, and Livingstone, Hichilema insisted that an election may come anytime sooner.

“Don’t say 2021 because the election can come any time. Change is in the air which means that change is just with us, we are around the corner. So they want to print ballot paper here so that they can basically steal the votes. Somebody told you he was voted out in 2015 and 2016 but did not come out. Now he says even in 2021 he will not come out. What do you think is the interest of PF to print ballot papers in Zambia? It’s to rig elections. That is why they want to print ballot papers here so that they can manipulate the elections. Our answer is clear. We don’t want government printers to print the ballot papers so that PF can steal the election again, no!” HH exclaimed.

He told his supporters that since childhood, he dreams about events before they happen, adding that he had premonitions that regime change was coming to Zambia.

“And believe me, I had premonitions. During my school [days], I would dream about an exam question, maybe five of them. When the exam comes, exactly the way I dreamed a question, it would come exactly like that. The rest I don’t want to say. I have premonitions. My premonition now is that what is happening in the democratic wind of change will be coming into Zambia. Unless you fear, if you don’t fear, the democratic wind of change is coming but we can bring freedom if we recruit more members,” he added.

The opposition leader warned PF structures not to upset him by attacking those that join his party.

“I am told when people join us, PF are listening, they go to attack them. I want to warn you PF, stop attacking citizens, they have the freedom to do what they want. Tamundizyi (you don’t know me). Na ndalemana ndime, basopo (if I get upset, be careful). Stop attacking our people, they are exercising their democratic rights to join a party of their choice,” Hichilema warned.

And Hichilema said government was stealing over 80 percent in taxes from poor Zambians.

“Lungu and PF are saying everybody who is earning only rental income, government will be getting 10 percent of that. That is the message we must take to PF members , you will die with poverty. How can you tax widows whose sons/daughters completed school by support from his unemployed mother? I have never seen people who are so bad hearted. Let me remind you because I am sure you have already forgotten. This is why late Michael Sata used to call me calculator boy. Let me show you how cruel this government is. If you run a kantemba (small business) you pay 35 per cent tax. If you are employed, you pay 37.5 percent Pay as You Earn (PAYE). VAT, whenever you buy something in a shop, you pay 16 percent. If you have a property which you need to sell, you have to pay property transfer tax 10 percent. And when you have a house you have to pay now withholding tax on rentals 10 percent. We are saying close to 80 percent of whatever you earn. The government has gotten 80 percent and you have remained with 20 percent yet PF told you more money in people’s pockets. Do you have money in your pockets? No, koswe adya,” HH said.

Meanwhile Hichilema also warned his structures to always be awake and guard the party jealously before uttering a vanacular idiom Mwachita manoko.

“Yesterday I tested my new formula to see how ready our people are, 18 hours I said we will have a press briefing tomorrow, we are receiving people. And people said ‘but there is no notice’ then I said what are you waiting for? You should be ready all the time. If the new members who are willing to join us are ready, so we in the structures are trying to delay them and they managed to mobilise. Thank you for everybody who is here, that’s the spirit, hakuna kulala (there is no time for sleeping). Kuti walala shani bambi balelya mwibala, balelya kumo nembuto yonse. Kuti walala shani? (someone is eating in the field, he has even eaten the seed) then you want to sleep. Mulala nzyi kayi? (What are you sleeping), Mwachita manoko (vulgar),” said Hichilema.