UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says his party is the only party which can liberate Zambians from the PF’s bad leadership and corruption.

And Hichilema has insisted that the taxes introduced by the PF are too much for citizens to bear.

Speaking when he received some defectors in Chawama yesterday, Hichilema said the UPND was the only party in Zambia which could ensure that people had a good quality life.

“The only party in Zambia which can manage to keep people, to make sure that children have beaten and they are going to school, that farmers have fertiliser not ubomba mwibala, no! They even eat together with the seeds. The only remaining party for you is UPND,” Hichilema said.

And Hichilema said taxes were overbearing.

“Let us all agree that the PF has failed. The PF has destroyed the country and there is now hunger in our homes, children are not going to school, unemployment is rife and marketeers have no trading space. Just the same way you have said it is how it is. Now we know that PF has failed and it has brought hunger to our homes. When you see someone going to the hospital and they don’t give him medicine, just know that it is PF. When you go to bed without eating, just know that it is PF causing that. If your child has no job or if you are chased from the market, it is PF. We should have no doubt as to where these problems are coming from. It is the PF’s bad leadership,” he said.

“Secondly, the PF has become too corrupt, they are stealing money from people. On Friday I was on Phoenix, I demonstrated to the people of Zambia that even when you earn K100, PF gets K80 and you remain with K20. Now can you support your family with K20? Can you educate children? The tax is too much. That tax they are getting from you, they are going to buy fire tenders, it is corruption everywhere that’s why we are suffering. They entered government without money today they are rich in just three years. In 2015 he [President Edgar Lungu] had to borrow money to file his nomination but now he has made money. We don’t want such leadership.”

He asked senior party officials to get rid of fear and speak out on behalf of the people.

“Those of you who have come, we welcome you. To the structures, please receive these people, welcome them. Organise more people to join us. And to the leaders, please lose all fear. These Chawama residents have n o fear so let us not create fear in the people. So welcome, this is your party, there is nothing like a new comer and an old member in the UPND, we need everyone,” said Hichilema.