Kasama Central PF member of parliament Kelvin Sampa says if the opposition UPND offers him money to vote for the impeachment motion, he will gladly accept the bribe, but vote otherwise.

Speaking when he featured on UNZA Radio’s Lusaka Star program, Monday, Sampa said the motion was an academic exercise and doubted if it would be brought to the House for debate.

“I can tell you that the National Assembly has all the reasons to receive the motion. They received it but that doesn’t mean that once a notion has been received then that’s it, we’ll move and start debating. We have not even started debating that motion, it has come and it needs to be put on an order paper first,” Sampa explained.

“But we were so surprised where people got this idea and became excited through social media and started saying ‘tomorrow is the big day because the impeachment motion is coming up’, no that’s not how this flow. You know, not until you are elected and you work in that House, that’s when you can know what happens in Parliament. The beauty of technology nowadays is that even you people, if you want to see what is appearing on the order paper of Parliament, you can just log in to the website of Parliament, you will be able to see what will be discussed the following day.

He said no bribe would work to convince PF MPs to vote for the motion.

“Well to be honest with you, these are politics, people can say whatsoever. But if they had come to me, I would just chew their money, let them bring that money I chew it. You see, the goodness about such kind of money, nobody can take you anywhere. Once you get that money and eat it, you are not bound to any prosecution in that no one can take you anywhere. That’s free money. So if that is really happening, they are trading on shaky grounds. You know these things, we should not even waste time to talk about them, because for me when I look at it, it’s just an academic exercise. Of course political parties also want to be recognized in a way, this is not the only thing they are doing, we are very much aware that even other people like Nevers Mumba, why has he gone back to the pulpit? We know that’s another strategy, thinking that they can lure some other churches and all these things, we know, we are ten steps ahead of them. So we are not surprised when all these things are happening,” Sampa said.

He claimed that the PF was delivering development across the country in accordance to the campaign promises it made.

“All these political parties have seen the deliverance of the PF and how beautifully we are handling the situation of our country. That’s why you are seeing a lot of political parties now mushrooming, for us, we are not even worried or concerned because we know what we have been telling our people, we are delivering. Some of the things may take a bit of time but one thing you must know is that we are going to deliver and we’ll ensure that our manifesto and our words that we have been preaching will get to our electorates. So with the mushrooming of so many political parties that is nothing for us to worry about. We are all in the comfort zone because we are performing according to what we told the people of Zambia,” he said.

Sampa also castigated individuals who left PF and start accusing government of being corrupt

“Certain people have said certain things but they were part and parcel of the government, others would want to take advantage. In fact, us Zambians are very good people because there is an oath of secrecy. When you hold certain offices and when you hold certain positions, up to certain years you are not Allowed to divulge any sort of information that you were privy to. But you find that here in Zambia somebody that took oath within one year, you flip, you even start saying me when I was in cabinet…, how?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Sampa justified the expulsion of Cuban ambassador to Zambia after he attended the launch of the Socialist Party

“Zambia is a sovereign state, we must respect that fact. Even you, you cannot go to another country and start involving yourself in the political situation of another country that does not work. And being a diplomat, that person knows the etiquette and the agreements between governments, he knows, there is no way you can pretend that you don’t know these things. Look at the UK over the case of that nerve poison to the former Russian spy, look at what has happened, that already abrogates the country’s regulations,” said Sampa.

And what has started happening? Most of the diplomats from Russia are being sent away and this has also trickled to other countries as well. So let us not be turned, when Zambia does something we start saying it’s a political thing, no it’s not a political thing, there are agreements between nations, and Zambia being a sovereign state must be respected. We must respect the rules and laws of the country. There is no way you can come as a foreigner and start entertaining yourself to the politics of this country, that’s impossible!”