Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba says some people are trying to use his statement about the Socialist Party getting funding from homosexuals to get to its leader Dr Fred M’membe.

Yesterday, a social media posting went viral quoting Kabimba ‘revealing’ that Dr M’membe had proposed love to him in 2013.

The Zambian Observer claimed that Kabimba said this at his party secretariat in Lusaka.

“I have nothing to hide, in October 2013, just before independence celebrations, I had a PF Provincial executive meeting in Kitwe in which he (M’membe) was also in attendance as a journalist. To my surprise, when we went to rest in our hotel rooms, he proposed love to me and of which I brushed him off. I even told the late President Sata about the same, who called him at State House where he was reprimanded,” the Zambian Observer quoted Kabimba as saying.

But disputing the story in an interview, Monday, Kabimba said if it were true, he would have said it on a public forum the same way he did when he explained what he knew about who was funding the Socialist Party.

“When they are going to quote me and say ‘he said this at the secretariat on such and such a day’, surely, they must disclose the audience. They must tell the people whom I was talking to about the issue. Secondly, when I was at Millenium Radio, if you remember, I said I don’t believe in anonymous discourse myself. I believe in coming out with facts so that the other people that are out there can identify me as the source about what I am saying and then they can challenge me and respond. So it is out of my character that I can issue a statement like that and I am not doing it on a public platform that affords the other person or the other people an opportunity to respond. Secondly, I have never travelled with Fred myself to the Copperbelt as is being alleged. I have never travelled with the man. Even he himself where he is seated, he knows that this story is a fabrication. Thirdly, I am not a malicious person. I will not make or say something against somebody out of malice. That, again, is out of character for me. I believe in being objective, I believe in advancing an argument, I believe in stating the truth as it is, that is my character. So there are people that want to take advantage of that statement which I made to try and get at Fred, that was not my intention of that statement,” Kabimba said.

He said there were people who were trying to get at Dr M’membe by twisting his statement.

“There are people that want to get at Fred using my statement that’s why after they write that portion of the statement, they go back to my statement on radio to try and justify that statement. But if you look at the two statements correctly, they don’t even tally. If that were true, I would have said it on that public platform when I was on radio. I would have said it very clearly to afford the person that I am talking about or that I am talking against, an opportunity to respond. That’s the way I have done things in life. So the story is a total fabrication, it is mischievous, it is malicious and there is just no truth to it. There is nobody that I spoke to on that story which is attributed to me is talking about, nobody,” said Kabimba.

“But what I have also seen is that lies are quickly believed on social media and not the truth. So for me, if people are going to fabricate a story like that, like they did about the alleged memorandum of understanding between Edgar Lungu and myself, if they are going to fabricate that story and they themselves the fabricators start making comments, why should I believe anything that is said about anybody on social media? I wouldn’t. I would never believe anything that is said on social media about anybody because of that kind of fabrication. If they can do it to me, then they can do it out of malice against somebody else and that’s why you have seen, I have been very cautious to make statements on anything which originates from social media. I am sure even Fred where he is, he knows that that could not have come from me and that is not my way of doing things, that’s not my culture.”