The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) has extended deadline for application of practicing certificates from May 31st to July 31st 2018.

TCZ Spokesperson Ngoza Malonga stated that the council has also abridged the form for manual application to one page.

And the council stated that it would continue clamping down illegal Colleges of Education across the country in order to sanitize the teaching profession.

“The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) wishes to inform all registered teachers countrywide and key stakeholders, that it has extended the period for practicing certificate applications from 31st May *to 31st July 2018* . All registered teachers are therefore expected to tender in their applications, either on-line or manually. The Council further wishes to inform all the teachers that the application form for manual application has been abridged to one page. Those applying manually should ensure they use the summarized (abridged) application form,” Malonga stated.

Malonga reminded applicants that the extension deadline did not apply to teachers without TCZ registration numbers.

“Please note that the July 31st deadline does not apply to the teachers not yet issued with TCZ registration numbers. The delayed issuance of TCZ numbers to some teachers is due to the subsequent delay in the *lengthy process of verifying qualifications*. TCZ will ensure that only genuinely qualified teachers are registered and certified. In view of the above, employers and supervisors must ensure their members of staff (teachers) to register and apply for practicing certificates, as required by Law *(The Teaching Profession Act No. 5 of 2013.),” she stated.

And Malonga stated that the council would continue clamping down illegal colleges of education across the country in order to retain sanity in the teaching profession.

“With regard to College accreditation, TCZ shall continue to clamp down illegal Colleges of Education across the country in order to sanitize the teaching profession even at entry points. It has been noted with great concern that a number of Colleges of Education have been operating illegally and TCZ will not hesitate to close them down if found wanting as they are abrogating the provisions of *The Teaching Profession Act No. 5 of 2013* that requires all Colleges of Education to register with the Council. It is the Council’s mandate to ensure that all Colleges of Education adhere to the acceptable standards for effective service delivery and all accredited colleges are also urged to set and sustain high standards of operation, failure to which their status may be withdrawn,” stated Malonga.

“Through a country-wide exercise, the TCZ officers have so far closed down 17 colleges of education on the Copper-belt and 4 in Southern Province, while Central and North Western Provinces have had 2 colleges each closed down in the recent past. Members of the public are therefore advised to be wary of some illegal teacher training institutions.”