The Zambia Police Service Intellectual Property Unit on Monday unearthed a counterfeit Zambia Sugar syndicate in Lusaka.

According to a statement issued by police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo, Monday, police seized goods worth K126,893.60 during the operation.

“The Zambia Police Service Intellectual Property Unit yesterday 4th June, 2018 conducted an operation in Lusaka’s Zanimuone west and City Market after receiving a complaint from Zambia Sugar Plc, the legitimate holders of White spoon sugar that their product was being counterfeited. During the operation, officers raided a house in Zanimuone West and a number of Wholesales at City market where they found 1kg, 2kg empty packs and 378 x 50Kg empty sacks labeled white spoon sugar for Zambia Sugar Plc which were being used to package raw sugar and Hullet sun sweet sugar which is believed to have been imported from other countries and was being repacked in Zambia sugar packages,” Katongo stated.

“Officers also seized some weighing scales, ink pads, a date stamp, stitching machines and cotton, a sealing machine, 164x50kgs refined sugar and also some sugar was found spread on a tent in one of the rooms, 85 cases containing 20 packets of 02kg sugar, 31cases by 20 packets of 01 Kilogram sugar and 37 cases by 10 packets of 02 Kilogram sugar all suspected to be counterfeit sugar. The total value of seized items is K126,893.60.”

She stated that the counterfeit sugar was most likely smuggled into the country, repackaged and sold at City Market.

“It is suspected that the raw sugar is smuggled into the Country from other Countries and was being repacked in Zambia Sugar Plc labeled packages. The product was later being sold in wholesales at City market. Nine suspects comprising Burundese, Congolese and Zambian nationals were picked up and are yet to be charged. Investigations in the matter have continued with the hope of arresting more suspects,” stated Katongo.