President Edgar Lungu says he will not be dragged into the politics of Black Mountain by hypocrites who change goal posts after a crisis occurs.

And President Lungu has instructed police to deal with “foolish people” who have instructed their cadres to employ violence during elections before they implement their plans.

Meanwhile, President Lungu says the UPND must find another player to challenge him because “that guy” is going no where.

Speaking at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport upon arrival ahead of the trade fair, Wednesday, President Lungu said he was shocked that those who used to ask him to give the Black Mountain to the youths had turned against him after the accident which claimed 11 lives.

“I know that we are still mourning the passing away of those colleagues who died in the Black Mountain…it was an accident but let’s not politicise it. What surprised me was that some of our own people who are in the political game, who were forcing and agitating government to give the Black Mountain to the youths of Kitwe turned around and said we were wrong. Even people who praised me for doing that turned around and said we were wrong…Zambian politics is full of hypocrites. Shameless people who have no values are the ones who want to lead this country. All I have to say is that government has learnt its lesson from the tragedy of the Black Mountain and will try to make sure that the environment there is improved for the safety of the people,” President Lungu said.

“We have learnt our lesson so I will not allow myself to be dragged into the politics of the Black Mountain. I am above that, we will work together with the youths and mining companies to ensure that safety standards apply.”

And President Lungu instructed police to deal with those who were threatening violence.

“Some politicians are telling their supporters that ‘fight back when attacked’ but I am saying ‘let’s be peaceful…people are saying panga for panga, fight back when attacked but what will happen is that they will be attacking journalists because no one is attacking them. I am appealing to Police to take charge of peace and order wherever elections are taking place. Sort out the fool before it brings war. I am challenging Police to take control of the situation by sorting out all foolish people who want to bring anarchy. Those who want to bring confusion or war must be brought to book. Don’t wait for them to effect their intentions. They are ashamed of their loses in recent by elections and they know they are losing the next election so they want to disrupt the electoral process,” said President Lungu.

Meanwhile, President Lungu advised the UPND to find a better player to challenge him.

“We are watching the World Cup right now and you can see that for players who are not doing very well, you substitute them. So I am challenging UPND to take stock of their team and find a better player to challenge me. The truth is that that guy is going to go no where because we now know his true nature,” said President Lungu.