Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji says there is no need for any Zambian living in Zimbabwe to panic because the post election violence has been resolved.

The Zimbabwean military was on Wednesday unleashed on opposition MDC supporters who protested the outcome of the general election claimed by the ruling ZANU-PF.

The violence which began after Monday’s elections, over a widespread speculation of rigging in favour of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, also claimed at least six lives.

But in an interview with News Diggers, Malanji said the situation was calm and that government would provide a solution in an event that clashes resumed.

“They are all safe, the situation is calm. Of course there were few clashes that…it’s calm now, there is no danger. If there is danger, we will find a solution but as for now, there is no need for panic for any Zambian,” said Malanji.