MMD faction leader Felix Mutati says it is important to be patient because speed kills.

Addressing supporters in Chipata recently, Mutati, who is also Works and Supply Minister, said as an opposition leader who was working in the PF government, it was unwise to do political “gymnastics”.

“You have told me that I should not fear, and I do not fear. In leadership, I am part of a Cabinet, I must be able to contribute fundamentally through Cabinet, not for me to stand on an anthill and do gymnastics to show that I am clever. My job is to bring the values of MMD to be debated and dealt with within the context of Cabinet. So ngati mwa ona ati zee, si manta iyayi because ti sebenza mukati (so when you notice that I am quiet, it does not mean that I am scared, no, it is because we are working on the inside),” Mutati said.

He said no matter how much some people insulted, they would never be president if God did not allow it.

“You taught me how to work and you have said to me, it is important to be humble, to be patient and to work hard, speed kills. So it doesn’t matter what anybody says, Mutati and President Lungu are tight, its sim and phone. We have to deliver for the people of Zambia. You have said, and my national secretary has said many times that leadership is ordained by God, it doesn’t matter how much you shout, it doesn’t matter how much you insult. If God hasn’t allowed you to rule, you will never rule,” said Mutati.