National Development Planning minister Alexander Chiteme has reported National Democratic Congress national Youth Chairman Charles Kabwita for impersonation in a WhatsApp group.

On Monday, Chiteme who is Nkana Member of Parliament reported Kabwita at Kitwe Central Police.

According to police, Chiteme has accused Kabwita of using his name in a WhatsApp group to insult State House.

The police say Chiteme complained about a WhatsApp group member using his name to post anti-state house statements.

And Kabwita confirmed that he reported to police for questioning because he was a law abiding citizen, adding that although he was an administrator of the said WhatsApp group he had no control over its members, as he was not the one impersonating the minister.

“Yes, yesterday on Monday, I received a phone call from a Mr Harry Mukuni an officer at Kitwe Central Police. I was told to report at 15:00 hours and like a law abiding citizen I went to the police though they kept me for over an hour and half before their questioning. I went with our Secretary General Honourable Mwenya Musenge,” Kabwita narrated.

“There is a blog called ‘Top Secret pa Zed’ where I am the chief administrator of the group. In that group someone has impersonated Chiteme and has been posting statements that were putting State House in disrepute. Honourable Chiteme then reported me to the police.”

He explained that he has no control of who joins the blog because membership is advertised through links.

“I gave a statement to the police. Now I have no control of who joins the blog. I can post the link in different WhatsApp groups for anyone to join. So how do I know who has joined? There are a lot of people in the blog and I don’t know them all. The police wanted to find out if I can help with investigations, but I have refused because I don’t have control and they have the number of the said. Let them use the same number to go to ZICTA to find out who the person is.”

Kabwita said Chiteme should just accept that he is the one who posted the statements.