Renowned Kitwe businessman Wallace Banda has apologised for the various insults he showered on Garden Court Hotel staff who challenged him to pay cash after his ATM card failed to swipe.

Banda, who is a close ally of President Edgar Lungu and National Development Planning Minister Alexander Chiteme, was heard bragging about his riches in an audio that went viral on social media on Monday.

Banda was heard insulting the managers at Garden Court Hotel, and bragging about how close he is to the Head of State, to the extent that he could even shut down the hotel if he wanted.

It is believed that Banda checked into the hotel for some drinks last weekend and accumulated a K2,000 bill, which he could not immediately settle as the swipe failed, prompting staff to raise a demand against him, a move that angered him as he received it as an act to humiliate him.

But on Tuesday morning, Banda took the matter to his Facebook feed where he apologized to the people he mentioned in the audio and to all Zambians who might have been injured by his words.

“I wish to take this moment in time to let everyone know that, I know I have injured a lot of people’s feelings by the audio circulating in social media. I take it with a heavy heart and sincerely apologize to family and friends, including the general populace. Please find it in your hearts to forgive me about that circumstantial incident. To those that want to politicize it, note: that I am not in any position trying to bring the President’s name in disrepute… Hence I further extend my apologies to all the names mentioned in that audio. I am sincerely sorry. Thank you all and have a good day,” stated Banda.