The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has revoked senior public prosecutor’s bail for continuing to insult his ex-girlfriend, who has sued him for the same offense.

In this case, Richard Nyeleti, 49, is charged with using insulting language against his fellow prosecutor from the National Prosecutions Authority.

It is alleged that Richard Nyeleti, on September 17, 2018 in Lusaka, did use insulting language to Chipo Gura to which he did said ‘iwe chihule, ninakuchinda chinini chako (you prostitute I had sex with you…) in a manner likely to give such a provocation to the said Chipo Gura so as to cause such a person to break peace or to commit an offence.

When the matter came up for cross-examination, Tuesday, Gura told magistrate Thandose Chabala that Nyeleti had continued to issue derogatory remarks against her.

She said she had also recorded the phone conversation in which Nyeleti insulted her.

“Even last week, he insulted me during a phone conversation in which he represented himself as Mr Chileshe. It is the same category of insults. I can produce the recording right now,” Gura said.

And Senior State Advocate Frank Sikazwe also confirmed that Nyeleti had indeed issued the derogatory remarks against Gura.

He said Nyeleti’s behavior was against bail conditions.

Sikazwe applied for a protection order to ensure Gura’s safety.

In her ruling, magistrate Chabala said it was clear that Nyeleti was not adhering to the bail conditions as evidenced by the details of the recording.

She therefore revoked Nyeleti’s bail for interfering with witnesses.

Meanwhile, the courtroom was left stunned when Nyeleti, who was cross examining Gura, asked her whether she did not follow him to his office at NPA where she pulled up her grey skirt and removed her pant, exposing her private parts and saying “suzakailabo nafuti (you will never taste this again) unless a man from the IT who is building my house in Meanwood”.

Gura, however, denied having undressed before Nyeleti and uttering the said words.

She however confirmed having a short sexual relationship with Nyeleti.

At this point, Nyeleti challenged Gura on whether she was not a prostitute as she had two children from different men.

In response, Gura said that did not matter.

The court intervened saying the witness needed to be protected because it did not mean that when she had two kids from different men then she was a prostitute.

The court also wondered whether Nyeleti was confirming the alleged insults by claiming Gura was a prostitute.

The matter has been adjourned to November 6 this year.