Police in Eastern Province are looking for PF Bwanunka ward councillor for allegedly defiling a 14-year-old girl of Njungu-Jani village in Chipata district.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Lackson Sakala told News Diggers! in an interview that upon defiling the girl, the suspect identified as Paul Zulu aged 36 ran away.

He said the incident occurred on October 9, around 23:00 hours and it was reported to police on October 10.

“I can actually confirm with you that Musipazi police post received a report of defilement which occurred in Musipazi area on the 9th of October around 23 hours that a councillor of a particular ward in Chadiza had defiled a female juvenile aged 14 years of Njungu Jani village chief Mabuya in Chipata district. The incident occurred on the said date at the said village. The suspect who happens to be a councillor is male Paul Zulu from Chadiza district aged 36 years. Upon defiling this minor, he ran away and so we have launched a man-haunt,” said Sakala.