PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says it is unacceptable for Lusaka mayor Miles Sampa to expect people to be kneeling and clapping for him where ever he goes just because of his status.

Phiri said Sampa should learn to suit the environment just like President Edgar Lungu set an example when he bought and ate mangoes from roadside traders in Chongwe.

Last week, Sampa was at the centre of public discourse after he ate lunch worth K700 in the company of his friends, but refused to pay the bill on grounds that he has received a bad service. He then went ahead to feature on a Hot FM Radio programme where he tried to justify he deeds, saying he was working towards improving the delivery of service at Restaurants in Lusaka.

But Mumbi who is also a nominated member of parliament, called into the programme and castigated the Mayor, saying he was out of order.

“As a leader, no matter what status, you [should] suit in the environment you are in and you don’t have to tell people that ‘no, I am a deputy secretary general, I am a honourable member of parliament and so give me preference’ no, let people discover on their own. I have given an example of what the president did [that] on that trip [to Luangwa] as we were coming back, he stopped [and] was buying Mangoes. He bought mangoes and even started eating them and those people didn’t even know that he was a president and when they discovered, they were shocked. And the Bible is very clear that ‘God lifts those who humble themselves and drops those who lift themselves up,” Phiri said.

She said Sampa should not expect people kneeling and clapping for him whenever he visits places.

“It is very unfortunate [what he did], that’s my young brother and he shouldn’t have done that. Lower yourself so that people can easily mix with you. It’s not right that people should be kneeling down and clapping whenever they see him. Even by tradition [it’s not right]. He is my young brother and we both come from Muchinga, we don’t do things like that,” Phiri said.

And speaking earlier during the radio programme, Sampa said he was only trying to make residents in Lusaka to have a good service for what they pay for.

“Yes I Miles Sampa wrote that note to Roan and Sable restaurant. Listen colleagues, I am just trying to improve or trying to get the residents of Lusaka to have a good service when they go to restaurants,” said Sampa.