Justice Minister Given Lubinda has expressed concern over the lack of cyber security laws in the country, citing an increased number of cyber crimes world over.

And Lubinda has encouraged citizens to use cyberspace for the good of human development.

According to a statement released by First Secretary for Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in India Bangwe Naviley, Lubinda was speaking at the inter- ministerial conference on cyber laws, cyber crimes and cyber security in New Delhi, India.

The conference was also attended by Justice Ministry Permanent Secretary responsible for Legislative drafting Andrew Nkunika and Chief Parliamentary Counsel Mwenya Kaela Bwalya.

Bangwe stated that Lubinda was worried that Zambia had no cyber security laws in place and that a lot of people were using the cyberspace to harm others.

“Government is concerned over emerging cyber crimes in the country. Questions keep emerging on whether government will gag freedom of expression and speech [or not]. This international conference will be important to learn and share experiences and create networks specifically on cyber law, cyber crimes and cyber security, especially that Zambia is in the process of developing a legal framework for cyber security and cyber crime,” said Lubinda.

Lubinda said the conference was important for Zambia as the country emphasised the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the implementation of the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP).

Meanwhile, President of Cyberlaws Net and Supreme Court of India advocate Pavan Duggal said artificial intelligence was anticipated to match human intelligence by the year 2062, calling for a legal framework among countries ahead of schedule.

“The conference is necessary, because cyber crime is a global phenomenon which will be gobbling USD 6 trillion globally per year. Cyber crime has resulted into massive increase in fake news and there is need for building blocks to harmonize cyber law across the world. India has a slow conviction rate of cyber criminals, which is allowing more criminals to cause more harm. India as the biggest democracy in the world needs to update it’s legal framework on cyber law to protect it’s 1.3 billion people,” said Dr Duggal.

Meanwhile, Justice Dipak Misra, an Indian judge who served as the 45th Chief Justice of India from August 2017 to October 2018, said the third world war would be fought through cyberspace calling on experts to debate further.

The conference which attracted 186 speakers, drew participants and senior officials from different parts of the world, including the Minister of interior for Malta as well as members of the diplomatic corps.