Police in Lusaka have arrested three pastors of Miracle Impact Ministries International Church for theft.

According to a statement issued by police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga today, the trio duped a 46-year-old woman who was seeking healing from them.

“Police in Lusaka have arrested three pastors for theft namely : Bishop John Nundwe popularly known as Bishop John General aged 46 of Miracle Impact Ministries International Church located at plot number 178 Chishimba road off Commonwealth Road in Matero, his wife Pastor Maureen Kakwende aged 35 also an Accountant of the same Church and Paul Kambazo commonly known as Pastor Paul Fire for the offence of Theft. It is alleged that in March, 2016 Matildah Mwanza aged 43 of Foxdale met Pastor Paul fire aged 56 in Mutendere whilst she had a toothache who later introduced and assured her that Bishop John General would be able to cure her in Matero. Upon meeting the Bishop, pastor Paul Fire intimated to Bishop John General that Matildah had a cheque worth K70,000. She was then told to spend a night at the church and whilst there, she was approached by Pastor Maureen Kakwenda the wife to Bishop John General who advised her to open an account the following day. Pastor Maureen accompanied Maltidah to the bank where upon opening an account, she was given an ATM Card and withdrew K40,000. She was later told to pay tithe amounting to K21,000 as advance payment for the next four months to the church. The ATM remained in the custody of the wife of Bishop John General as the accountant of the church,” narrated Hamoonga.

“There after, the woman left for the University Teaching Hospital to access treatment as her toothache was worsening. It was at this point that the wife to Bishop John General left for Kaputa for a Month. When she came back she handed over the ATM to Matildah who then decided to go to the Bank to withdraw some money and to her surprise there was no money in the account. The trio were picked up on 15/11/18 at 16:00 hours and where detained in Police custody. They have since been released on police bond and will appear in court soon. We want to retaliate our call to clergy men who are in this habit of swindling congregants that as police we shall not relent in arresting bringing them to account for their actions before the courts of law whenever we have a complainant.”