Mazabuka Central UPND member of parliament Garry Nkombo says the PF government should learn to heed to advise instead of of waiting for Zambians to rise against their decisions made without consultations.

Speaking in parliament Wednesday when he debated on the policy report of the Zambia Police Service Commission, Zambia Correctional Service Commission and the Human Rights Commission which was presented by vice President Inonge Wina, Nkombo said it was okay for the police service to be underfunded because it was not doing anything.

“This commission (Zambia Police Service Commission) leave much to be desired and the behaviour of the police downstream is a clear mirror image of the appointing authority. The way the police constables behave is a three dimension mirror of the commission and he or she who appoints that commission. I put it to you Mr chairman, Her Honour the Vice-President made reference to the ethics, the code of ethics within the Zambia police. It is just a document which is good to just read and never put into practice. The reputation that the Zambia police got today is worse than the reputation of the Zambia police ever since Zambia became being. If you talk about imbibing alcohol, the number one are the police. If you talk about corruption, the number one are the police and there are living examples,” Nkombo said.

He praised the Provincial Minister for Lusaka Bowman Lusambo for exposing corruption in the police traffic section.

“And at this point let me take my hat off for one Minister of Lusaka Province Bowman Lusambo who went outside his mandate to catch thieving police officers from the traffic section putting money in the hat. That is what gives the policeman an authority. When a policeman is wearing that hat, he is representing the Zambians. I take my hat off to Lusambo for exposing the corruption in the institution of the police in Zambia today, the worst ever since Adam and Eve. Mr chairman, we have seen so many videos of policemen drunk “belegede” as they call it. And it’s a good thing that PF, most of the monies borrowed for the police is to keep them confined in compounds, you’ve done well there so that the pubic cannot see how they behave,” he said.

He said the police service lived much to be desired because the only thing officers knew how to do well was getting drunk.

“Mum Vice-President, they behave badly. One day you and I should take a walk in the compounds, you will see for yourself because most of the time you are just in your motorcade with a siren ‘wee wee wee’, passing going and what have you. The police are ill-behaved. But the commission employs even the spokes-people for the police because they want to declare interest. And even as they lament having less money, you are doing well, don’t give them money because they are doing a bad job. When a spokesperson of the police says that ‘we want to praise a constable who was almost attacked by this member of parliament at a feeling station and that he deserves a promotion with an AK47 riffle pointing it at a member of parliament. What about an ordinary person walking on the streets. We have lamented madam that this is not fairytale because some of us take these things to logical conclusions,” Nkombo said.

“I want you as you come to close, Your Honour the Vice-President to tell me whether it’s within the ambit of the police commission that employed Chinese people on 18th December last year in 2017. On 18th December in Kabulonga at a social place called ‘Zambia Chinese Friendship Association’ the IG, the deputy IG were there posing with pictures with Chinese men whose names I have here and I am going to give you these names. ‘Chinese Police Reserves, Zambia Police Reserve Assistant Commissioner Zhao Ming, [all that is] under PF, Zambia Police Reserve Superintendent Mr Wen Shunfan, Zambia Police Reserve Superintendent Mr Wang Huarrong, and Zambia Assistant Superintendent Mr Xu Yudah.’ It took the Zambians to rise and say ‘look we need jobs, you can’t give these Chinese people’ and you know a police reserve Mr Chairman has got rights to arrest and detain. Look Mr Chairman, is it just possible that you or me can go in Gwangzu or Shangai and be employed as Reserve or Superintended Garry Nkombo? Un-dreamable bwana, you can’t even dream about it,” Nkombo further said.

And Nkombo said judging from what happened after the police high command deployed some Chinese Reserves as decision which was later reversed, the PF should learn to heed to advised.

“And now when we complain that you have given these Chinese too much space, you start arguing. It took the Zambians to rise and say ‘no, PF, you have gone too far, step down a bit. You can’t start parading Chinese people here who cannot even speak English to start arresting Zambians.’ Unless you tell us that they are there to just arrest their fellow Chinese who are in conflict with the law. I am so happy that Zambians rose and a few days later, that decision was rescinded. You must learn to listen,” said Nkombo.