Former Gender Deputy Minister Dorothy Kazunga has also been angered by Works and Supply permanent Secretary Agness Musunga for listing her among those that still owe government for furniture they bought on offer.

Recently, Musunga presented to the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC), a list of cabinet ministers, former ministers and MPs who owed government for the furniture which they bought on offer in 2016 and 2017.

But former chiefs and traditional affairs minister Susan Kawandami stormed News Diggers! to dispute the report, presenting a receipt to clear her name.

And in a separate interview, Kazunga, who is also former Kabushi PF member of parliament, said she paid her debt on 5th January 2017 on receipt number 6892314.

She said after the ministry wrote to her on November 14, 2018 reminding her to make the payment for the same goods, she wrote back to the ministry informing them that she had already paid and even attached the receipt.

Kazunga said she was therefore shocked to be named among those still owing and asked the ministry to clear her name by reporting factual information.

“I don’t owe government anything [or] any monies at all. I paid for the furniture in January 2017 and I was surprised to see the letter from the PS demanding that we pay those monies. I will just ask the PS to certainly come up with a proper record because I even gave her everything I gave her the receipts for the furniture that I bought and I was surprised that she had to appear before the parliamentary committee when she knew very well that we had given her the proper information that we did not owe government anything. And I also wish to ask the PS to clear my name personally. I wrote to the ministry but I have not yet received the acknowledgement of the letter that I sent to them and the duplicate of the receipt that I had indeed paid for the furniture,” said Kazunga.