NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says the opposition alliance has thrown the Patriotic Front into disarray and panic because the ruling party expected to be dealing with a fragmented opposition.

And Kambwili has hit back at PF media director Sunday Chanda, saying he doesn’t understand how “the boy” was raised by his parents where he saw nothing wrong with insulting his own father.

In an interview, Kambwili said the coming together of the opposition parties to speak against the injustices happening in the governance system had unsettled PF hence using its media director to insult critics.

“The mere fact that opposition has come together to fight the injustice, the abuse of the Public Order Act, the abuse of the media, to call for the amendment for the current constitution which has too many lacunas is sending shivers to the PF, because they thought they would handle the opposition as a fragmented unit. But to see us come together and speak the same language, obviously has gotten them scared. They are panicking now. For them to respond with insults on the opposition leaders means they are scared. The mere fact that they are insulting that unit of purpose, it means they are panicking,” Kambwili said.

He then urged Chanda to tame his tongue, warning that his verbal excitement would soon land him in trouble.

“But my advice to Sunday Chanda [is] let him be civil and not insult innocent people, it’s not right. He cannot call president Milupi and idiot, he cannot call me an idiot, he cannot call Chipimo an idiot. All these people are order than him anyway, all of us are older than him but for him to call us…I don’t even know how that boy lived with his parents whether he was not just insulting his father, because when you insult older people, you insult even your own father,” said Kambwili.

“But that is how poverty is, the boy wants to survive so we forgive him. I cannot waste time responding to Sunday Chanda because he is a political nonentity. He is used to insulting people but he will pay for those insults. Let him not think that the way he got away after insulting Mr [Michael] Sata, Mr Sata gets into office and today he is insulting people using the platform of Mr Sata. He will not get away with it [and] I have been taking note of all the wrong things that he has been doing and insults and when the time comes, he will pay.”