PF media director Sunday Chanda says if NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili attends the dialogue process, the ruling party will send its Intercity branch as representatives.

And Chanda says Kambwili must be under the influence of evil spirits which make him insult President Edgar Lungu on a daily basis.

Speaking at the PF interactive forum, Sunday, Chanda said the dialogue process was being adulterated.

“A well-meaning dialogue process is being adulterated right before the eyes of the Church and other stakeholders, by Mr Kambwili and the UPND. And it’s not fair, for a lack of a better term, to allow some people to urinate on the intelligence of the Zambian people, that cannot happen, we have no time to waste. If there is an insistence that he must attend the dialogue process, we will send our intercity branch to represent us, we have no time to waste,” Chanda said.

And Chanda warned Kambwili of physical reaction from PF over his strong language on President Lungu.

“The honest thing that Hon Kambwili has to agree is that his greatest enemy is not the PF, his greatest enemy is not Sunday Chanda, but that his greatest enemy is his own mouth. He has a big mouth, probably to borrow the words of late President Sata, his mouth and his brain do not coordinate. Because had there been proper coordination, he would have been remembering that what I said yesterday is not tallying with what I want to say today. Because he thinks that progressive politics is about insulting the Head of State, we have made it clear that the rate at which he is going, he must be prepared because for every action, there is a reaction, there is a corresponding reaction. The angle he has taken, the insults that he continues to shower at the head of state, Mr. Kambwili must not be surprised when one of these days he attracts the most appropriate reaction for the kind of politics that he is doing,” he said.

“In Bemba we say ‘uushumfwila kumatwi, omfwila kunkanda,’ simple (he who can’t listen with ears, can only listen by being beaten). President Lungu has got people that love him, he has got supporters. They are not going to sit idle while Mr Kambwili disparage the President’s name, we are not going to allow Mr Kambwili to abuse his freedom of expression, his freedom of speech to insult President Lungu, that we won’t do.”

Chanda said Kambwili must be under the influence of evil spirits.

“We are not going to allow ourselves to be subjected to the circus and the clowning of Hon. Chishimba Kambwili. One thing we find very interesting about him is that when he insulted the good Tonga speaking people of Southern province, and he later on went to make what was to be an apology, he told the people that he was being used by an evil spirit. We don’t know now that he is insulting us, now that he is insulting President Lungu, we don’t know what is influencing him, we don’t know which evil spirit is using him and we suspect that he is once more under the influence of the evil spirit,” said Chanda.

“And it is very difficult for us to engage with such a man who inconsistent with his inconsistencies. Not long ago, he called GBM a ‘kapoli’ (Pig), not long ago he said unprintables about HH and today he wants us to believe that because he said he was under the influence of evil spirits then we must forget what he said in the past and who he is. He said he cannot be represented by President Lungu because the president has no integrity, what is integrity? Integrity is saying what you mean and meaning what you say, being consistent with your own words. Look at the inconsistencies and the flip flopping, look at President Lungu and look at Mr. Kambwili himself, sadly, he the type that doesn’t want to look at the man in the mirror.”