UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has warned that First Lady Esther Lungu will face prosecution for abusing public funds through her lavish trip to the United States where she has gone with a 25-member delegation to receive a donation of four fire trucks.

In a statement, GBM said time will come for Esther to account for the public resources being used to fund the extravagant 25-member trip, and that if found wanting, she will go to jail.

GBM, the former Kasama Central PF lawmaker, argued that the First Lady and her entourage committed an offence, which qualified them for prosecution.

“The First Lady and her entourage have committed an offence, which qualifies them for prosecution. None of them have immunity; they are all amenable to prosecution. PF being a corrupt regime cannot see all this. However, PF needs to know that such records are kept and used for accountability purposes when time matures. We will ensure that an independent Judiciary is in place to preside over these, among other lawless conducts, which amounts to criminal,” GBM cautioned.

“There is no law which justifies the First Lady’s conduct of travelling abroad with that entourage using tax payers’ money because there is no piece of legislation, which legitimises her act. If she meant well, she should have not have gone, especially after media reports and highlighted people’s concern. Time will come for her to account for these resources; failure to do so will enlist her for criminal prosecution at the opportune time and she will be the First Lady in the world history to be convicted and serve a jail sentence. That money could have served the hunger-stricken regions; pay retirees; pay salaries to civil servants who have gone months and months without salaries; boost students’ bursary and uplift the underprivileged’s education; purchase medicines for our hospitals. Unfortunately, this is a far-sighted issue with the PF.”

He also lamented that Zambia has never experienced high levels of lawlessness and indiscipline such as what is currently obtaining under the Patriotic Front government.

“An assault on the intelligence of the Zambian people has been committed. Zambia has never experienced high levels of lawlessness and indiscipline like the one Patriotic Front government is exhibiting now since time immemorial. I actually expected Mrs Lungu to have said ‘No, No, I am not a civil servant; let those responsible go,’ as women do in our homes when we men sometimes lose track,” GBM stated.

He added that it was clear that President Edgar Lungu’s family was in State House to enjoy and enrich themselves at the expense of citizens.

However, this clearly indicates that Edgar Lungu’s family is in State House to enjoy and enrich themselves at the expense of citizens, including unborn children; we are now told 40 per cent are born stunted because of poor nutrition. How in every area of normalcy can an upright-thinking person, think of a wife of a civil servant to represent a public duty in the presence of the constitutional office bearers with defined mandate. I had taken time to visit the University Teaching Hospital just to interact with our medical personnel and encourage our ailing and bedridden patients, I could not believe the reality of what I saw in the wards, including cancer hospital,” GBM stated.

“There are urgent and referred cases at UTH requiring treatment from abroad because as a country, we have not acquired the enabling equipment to attend to certain medical situations our country is faced with. Sad to say the majority needing specialised treatment are vulnerable patients, should I say voters, who entirely depend on government to save their lives.”

And GBM also bemoaned the delayed rehabilitation of the burned hostels at the University of Zambia.

“The burnt hostels at the University of Zambia are still not yet rehabilitated because of lack of funds, yet Edgar can send his wife using tax payers’ money to go for shopping. Zambians should know that they paid for Mrs Edgar Lungu’s trip, while they struggle to manage their families. Edgar Lungu and the PF have no mercy for the Zambian people, but themselves. Surely, Zambians, is this the family you want to continue in State House with such an attitude? You hold the key to State House. The United Party for National Development has been vindicated in many areas because all these un-budgeted expenditures are issues we have been talking about for a long time. But none has been heeded by the PF corrupt regime,” stated GBM.