Mines Minister Richard Musukwa says as ‘owner’ and final authority on the slug dumps on the Copperbelt he will empower youths in Luanshya by allowing them to operate on the black mountains.

And jerabos in Chingola held a mammoth procession to celebrate the assuring message from the PF leadership.

Last week, Musukwa gave the provisional license to the Small Scale Miners popularly known as Jerabos to start mining at the slug dump in Chingola, in a move seen to drum up support for the PF candidate in the Roan Parliamentary by-election.

During the filling in of nominations in Luanshya, Thursday, Musukwa said he was in charge of the slug dumps.

“Ifwe nga ba PF, we believe in empowerment of the youths. In Chingola, we just gave the small scale miners the black mountain. I am in charge! I am the owner of the black mountain, so even here in Luanshya, I will give the the black mountain to the youths,” said Musukwa to the jubilating supporters.

And in showing appreciation to President Lungu and Musukwa, the Jerabos on Saturday held solidarity march pass in Chingola.

The Jerabos were led by Patriotic Front Copperbelt Youth Chairperson Don Mungulube.

Others present where Energy Minister who is also Nchanga member of parliament Matthews Nkhuwa and Chingola member of parliament Chali Chilombo.

Mungulube asked the youths in the Province to work together and not allow the slug dump popularly known as ‘black mountain’ to bring division amongst them.

“This dump has not been given to us so that we can start fighting one another, it has been given to us as an empowerment venture. Let’s work together and ensure that all youths benefit, but this does not mean we operate haphazardly without putting in place systems and procedures to guide us all,” Mungulube said.

He called for discipline adding that the party would not hesitate to deal with youths who are in the habit of causing confusion which may affect operations at the site.

Later, Small Scale Miners commander and Former Boxing champion Douglas Chilembo said youths will continue to support President Lungu.

“As Small Scale Miners, we want to assure President Lungu of our unwavering support to him and the PF Party beyond 2021 because this government continues to empower youths,” he said.