Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) coordinator in Sinda David Pontino Phiri has advised the PF leadership to address the same problems they once faced before ascending to power.

In an interview, Monday, Phiri recalled that before PF formed government, every citizen had the right to express themselves on matters that affected them.

He insisted that the motivation behind the students’ protests in Kitwe last week, which led to CBU’s closure, Friday, was justified because the strike undertaken by university lectures over delayed salaries affected their academic year.

“Protesting is a sign that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. People go for work to be given something to sustain their families. Is it a crime for a victim to complain? No it’s not, it’s part of their rights! What should be done is to address the situation. How can one sustain a family if they are not paid? People don’t just protest, they first persevere, but when it goes beyond, it leads to what we are talking about and closing universities will never solve the current problems.”

He reminded the PF to remember the problems they once faced during their time in the opposition to appreciate the hardships citizens were currently faced with.

“When you are a leader, you have to remember what you went through before you became a leader. Look at the problems you once faced because those problems you once went through, others are facing them now and it requires selfless leaders to think deeply and address the situation for the benefit of the majority. But if we resolve them out of frustration, then our leadership is in a mess,” he observed.

He accused some government officials of contributing to the poor economy, saying most top leaders in government were preoccupied with amassing personal wealth.

“Things are not okay in our nation as people cry every day. Economy is not doing well and some of the factors that have contributed to our poor economy is some top leaders who have failed to share riches with the poor, but keep it to themselves! People put monies in their pockets and like that we can’t progress because people who are expected to serve the poor are the ones adding salt on their wounds,” lamented Phiri.