Police at Westwood Police Station in Chilanga District, along Mumbwa road, have recovered nine guns, 228 rounds of ammunition and a Zambia Army uniform which criminals were using to rob citizens.

In a statement today, deputy police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga stated that police were holding one suspect in custody.

Police at Westwood Police Station have recovered Nine guns (Two pistols,One Air gun and Six rifles) and 228 rounds of ammunition. Police have also recovered a Zambia Army Uniform and a motor bike which the criminals were using during the commission of the crime.The two rifle guns where stolen from Mr Chintu Mulendema aged 62 years on 27th March, 2019 at around 19:00 hours at farm number 5752/M in Chambulumina area in Lusaka west while the rest where stolen from Mr Dominic Bedward aged 45 years of farm number 679 in Kachema area. This occurred on 4th April,2019 between 11:00 to 1600 hours. Police are currently holding one suspect in custody from whom the firearms have been recovered,” stated Hamoonga.