Patriotic Front acting chairperson for Lusaka Paul Moonga says by calling for the removal of Secretary General Davies Mwila, Julius Komaki is disrespecting President Edgar Lungu who is the appointing authority.

And Moonga says the renowned PF cadre is talking that way because he is broke after failing to keep his Zesco job.

Last week, Komaki gave Mwila a 48 hours ultimatum in which to leave office, threatening to physically hound him out if he resisted.

Komaki went further to notify the police of his intentions to present a petition to the party secretariat against Mwila’s continued stay in office.

But Moonga in an interview said Komaki thought he would be getting a free salary as a cadre without work adding that he failed to work at Zesco.

“Komaki was given a job in Zesco. He thought being a party cadre he can be sleeping at home without going for work. Komaki went ahead to call the Zesco MD as incompetent. He was given a land cruiser but the young man thought he would be getting a salary for free because of being a party cadre. He was fired for being incompetent. Given a personal to holder motor vehicle at Zesco Komaki failed to work. He wanted to become a cadre and a chief executive of Zesco. So Komaki is not fighting the SG, he is fighting the President of the Republic of Zambia. We are all serving under the office of the president. I am equally appointed. We shall never condone a rebel in our party,” Moonga said.

He said Komaki was insulting the president for appointing Mwila.

“Komaki is not being honest with his life. You cannot even rise against the I.G or the District Commissioner [because] when you do that it means that you are being insolent, insubordinate, you are insulting the appointing authority. The secretary general is appointed by the president [and so] that is total insubordinate of the highest order which should be condemned by every disciplined party, club or member of the PF. For you to rise against your step mother even if you mother divorced and then you rise against your step mother, [it means that] you are rising against your father’s wish. And even if he has grievances, he should have found a way to channel those grievances,” Moonga said.

Moonga further said that Komaki was below a tsetse fly as he was not giving him any sleepless nights.

“And I am telling you that as a father of the province, he is a prodigal son and I am telling you that even if he comes back tomorrow and says ‘chairman Paul Monga I am sorry please forgive me,’ we shall welcome him as a prodigal son. If we were able to receive GBM, what about small Komaki? He is nobody. He is not a councillor, he is not even a constituency chairman, he is just an ordinary member of the party who was fortunate to be given a very good high position in Zesco where no Zambian has been in that position. So my advice to him is that Komaki come down to realities. So Komaki get my phone number and talk to me. He should not be used. He can never manoeuvre to destroy PF in Lusaka Province and Zambia at large. He is too small, even a mosquito is big. Remember a mosquito can cause malaria. Komaki is below a tsetse fly. A tsetse fly will give you sleeping sickness [but] I have no sleeping sickness from Komaki. He is my nephew. Please advise him through your paper that Komaki come to reality,” Moonga said.

He charged that Komaki was highly indebted hence him behaving that way.

“And I know he is highly indebted when he campaigned to become youth chairman. He has no salary. How can somebody give a job away [and promises people] that ‘I will pay back when I become youth chairman?” Moonga asked.

And asked if the party would discipline Komaki, Moonga said the party could not discipline somebody who is not in any structures.

“Through your paper, because Komaki does not hold any party position, he is an ordinary member. We don’t have membership cards and anybody can claim to be a member of PF. Ask Komaki to say ‘do you belong to PF? ‘show us the proof.’ Every Zambian is our member anyway, including yourself. Even HH is our member. So we assume he is our member. Even if we were to expel Komaki from the party [but] from which position? He is a nobody. Even Kelvin Fube, he is a Zambian [if we were to] expel him from PF [but] from which position? He is a nobody. How do you expel somebody who is not your employee? Can ZNBC expel you? So even this young boy it’s the same,” said Moonga.