Veteran politician Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika says accepting the resolutions of the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) is like looking for a preferred way of being raped.

And Lewanika says manipulation of the Republican Constitution is a historical challenge, which dates back to 1969 when people voted in favour of the referendum.

In a statement, Lewanika stated that merely complaining over any of the proposed Bills being adopted by the NDF would mean that people are legitimising the process.

“I would not bother debating any of the reported proposals…the whole process is citizen disempowering. It must be wholly and totally rejected regardless of what changes or retentions are proposed to the Constitution. If you entertain any of it, you are accepting it! Crying over bits and pieces of proposals whose very process is fundamentally anti-democratic is like looking for a preferred way of being raped! And you are (part of) the problem and undermining the necessary revolutionary solution,” Lewanika stated.

He stated that manipulation of the Republican Constitution remained a historical challenge, which dated back to 1969 when people voted in favour of the referendum.

“Do those crying over this, and that of what is proposed for piece-meal, selective and self-interested constitution amending realise that, this is the fault of Zambians who voted ‘yes’ in the 1969 referendum? This ‘yes’ is what has licensed the frequent and endless mutilation of the Constitution ever in direction and consolidation of personalised political leadership as well as State capture by ruling parties and erosion of political rights. Every province except Barotse Province voted ‘YES!’ Those who had foresight to resist have been condemned and are never listened to; those who engineered the manipulation that has led to the pit are the personalities worshiped as heroes and freedom fighters and sole nationalists whose empty and false slogans and manipulative propaganda continued to be shouted,” stated Lewanika.