Transport and Communications Minister Dr Brian Mushimba drew mixed reactions from his Twitter followers on Friday after he posted another picture of himself while riding on a public minibus.

In his tweet, Dr Mushimba wrote: “I couldn’t help but take a selfie when I commuted on public minibus from Chilanga to Lusaka Civic Centre via Kulima Tower. There’s a lot of work that we can do together to improve the public transport sector.”

One follower using twitter handle @Bornface Delano Nyoni stated that instead of giving progress from his last experience, the minister was still saying the same things.

“You said [this] last time. I thought now was the time to show us the progress made from the last time,” Nyoni stated.

And another follower @Elle asked: “So following your commute, do tell what following ground work do you intend to undertake to address the problems you saw?”

@Kelvin Saili asked the minister if the bus driver was contravening traffic rules, as is usually the case, and what he did about it.

Dr Mushimba responded saying; “He did all that. Illegal stops, too many stops, following passengers off the route to pick then just so he fills up the minibus. I was late to my appointment by one hour due to this behaviour.”

@Khazike Sakala mocked the minister, urging him not to forget the sufferings of the majority commuters after getting back to his comfort zone.

“It’s good you were reminded of the hardships an average Zambian faces daily in the public transport sector. Let’s hope your experience does not fade when you get back in the comfort of your SUV honourable. Meanwhile we anticipate your interventions to improve this status,” posted Sakala.

“Road safety won’t be improved if the guy in charge of road safety proudly says he over-speeds and pays fines. He also drives carelessly and injures PSV commuters. He also abuses his authority so that RTSA issues a statement to clear his name. What a shame,” commented @Akataluka.

“Hon how did [you] manage to take a selfie on a minibus? Us we fail to take selfies with this kind of sitting in fours per roll on a bus. What’s difficult in legislation on sitting capacity and seat belts? Successive governments have seemingly failed. That 4×4 sitting arrangement is pure plain evil on the citizens,” reacted another Twitter follower using @Tembo.