A Forensic investigations consultant Professor Gibson Mwewa says Zambia is now seen as a haven of fraudsters, money launderers, corruption-masters and plunders.

In a statement, Prof Mwewa said the state of financial and economic crime had reached a pandemic level in Zambia.

“My heart bleeds to see such a blessed country, rich in every aspect of our heritage and endowed with so much natural wealth and a peace loving people, being subjected to so much poverty and social-economic hardship which in part is due to pandemic fraud, money-laundering, corruption and plunder of resources to mention a few financial and economic crimes. A hardly a day passes without matters bordering on financial crimes hitting headlines at every level of society interaction,” Prof Mwewa stated.

“The state of financial and economic crime has reached a pandemic level. It is not a joke. This is a serious matter. Financial and economic crimes are eating away the moral fabrics and pillars of our society and country. It is unfortunate and a sad state of affairs for Christian Nation to be seen or be perceived as a haven of fraudsters, money launderers, Corruption-Masters and plunders!”

He stated that there was need to end corruption before the country was lost to fraudsters.

“What crime did the peace loving Zambians commit to deserve this unfortunate development. It is time to wake-up, sober-up and encourage our well meaning Government leaders and stakeholders who love this country and its people dearly to champion the need for addressing and containing this pandemic before we lose our country to fraudsters, plunderer and corruption-Masters. It is therefor my considered view that government should priorities the fight against financial and economic crimes,” Prof Mwewa stated.

“It is high time an independent National financial Crimes Agency, with well trained expertise, be established with clear mandate for investigation and prosecution of financial crimes without interference. There is time for everything and now is the time fight this outbreak of financial crime with the full force and without compromise.”

Prof Mwewa stated that if nothing was done, the corrupt would use proceeds of crime to undermine state institutions.

“If no serious and innovative counter measures are put in place – criminal gangs involved in financial and economic crimes will continue to use the very proceeds of their crimes to undermine and compromise any legitimate institution and get way with murder…in the end our country and its people will continue to suffer the consequences,” stated Prof Mwewa.