Expelled PF cadre Julius Komaki says PF secretary general Davies Mwila’s insistence to remain chief executive officer of the ruling party will cost them the 2021 general elections.

In an interview, Komaki insisted that there was no future for the ruling party if Mwila continued to be the PF’s secretary general.

“With Mwila as CEO, there is no future for PF. When he goes only then will there be a future for PF. The man has failed and just proved to us his incompetence! Wherever he is going, every province, every corner, people are crying, which means he is a bully! He is not an administrator. We need an administrator; we need someone who can help the boss,” Komaki said.

“We need to have our own party intelligence bringing information to the secretary general. Now, because of his arrogance, he thinks he knows it all that’s a very big problem. We don’t want to have what happened in Chipili also happen at national level. By the President putting him there, we thought the man had changed, but he had never changed! If you want to know somebody’s character, give them money and authority, that is when you will know the true character of that person. We have tried him and he has failed us! Why should we keep him?”

He added that some party members were mobilizing against Mwila, but that only a few people had the courage to face him.

“This is a worldwide thing! A number of people are mobilizing against Mwila. The number is growing, but only a few people have the courage to confront him. That is why I stood up and became the spokesperson for the voiceless. But very soon, everyone will see and attest that I’m not speaking from without. Mr Mwila has totally failed to empower the people in the party,” he charged.

“As CEO of the party, who is supposed see every person; he is supposed to know every member starting from the section, branch, constituency up to district level and province. And he should also know how to motivate the people, who have worked for the party since its inception. Look, this party was formed in 2001, now he wants to embrace the new ones (party members) at the expense of the old ones. Do you think people will be happy?”

And following his expulsion from the party, Komaki claimed that he had still not received any official expulsion letter, but insisted that he remained a bona fide PF member.

“My stance still stands; I haven’t been expelled from the party because if I was expelled, everyone would have seen my expulsion letter. You can go up to him and ask where my expulsion letter is because if I was really expelled, things would have been done in a normal, transparent way. So, as I am speaking right now, I don’t have any expulsion letter,” said Komaki.

“So, my stance still stands: Mwila must go for the future of this party! If we want to go beyond 2021, we should get rid of him! If we fail to sacrifice him right now, then the people of Zambia will sacrifice us, we have done a lot as a party and the government, but at a party-level, we haven’t done enough.”

Efforts to get to Mwila for a response to Komaki’s claims proved futile by press time as his phone was unreachable.