Former Attorney General Musa Mwenye says although Finance Minister Dr Bwalya Ngandu is a capable person for the job, his efforts will not result in any positive change without fighting corruption.

In a statement shared on his Facebook page, Tuesday, Mwenye advised Dr Ng’andu to prioritize the fight against corruption.

“Having worked with Dr. Bwalya Ngandu, our new Minister of Finance, I think he is competent, capable and of sober disposition. Generally a good choice for that position. No matter how capable Hon Ngandu is, unless we fight corruption and insist on awarding contracts to people who are capable at correct and not inflated prices, even he will struggle to revamp our economy. We cannot improve our economy unless our economic strategy includes the fight against corruption and meritocracy,” stated Mwenye.

“The Minister will very quickly realize that his reception will be frequented, not by capable people but by those who specialize in exploiting the public purse for their personal benefit at the expense of the suffering masses. My advice to the Minister – our bucket has holes, let us stop the leakages first.”