Mazabuka central UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo has charged that his Kabwe central PF counterpart Tutwa Ngulube is a delinquent who wants to feast on nothing.

And Nkombo says Ngulube and his party must not try to sway people’s attention from the 48 houses that “grew like mushrooms” by talking about non issues.

On Friday, Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini formally warned Nkombo to desist from laying forged and fake documents before the table of the House.

And on Tuesday, Ngulube, who is also PF deputy whip, challenged Nkombo to resign on moral grounds for misleading Parliament with a fake letter.

But in an interview, Nkombo said he brought the letter to Parliament’s attention because he wanted to seek clarity, and at no point did he refer to it as a matter of fact.

“Mr Ngulube as usual is being extremely mischievous. He is a delinquent MP who wants to feast on nothing. I am a member of parliament whose duty is to provide oversight on the government. The issue about the letter of Zesco came to Parliament as a point of order and not a statement of fact. It is true that a Mr Saidi Chinya, during the time of Tutwa’s complaint against me was called to the meeting on the committee of privileges, absences and support services to come and explain his side of the story, yes he said the letter that I read not that I authored, I didn’t author a letter. I read from an online publication called Zamleak, required attention of those who are running the affairs, we asked Mr Chinya if Zesco had a public relations department which was duty bound to explain and dispel that allegation,” Nkombo said.

“So the IDC boss asked Chinya, the Minister of Finance asked Chinya, I asked the Minister of Finance because to disperse money, whether it was dispersed or not, up to now I don’t know, I am looking for answers. To disperse money from a public institution to a political party whether true or not, I must emphasise, required answers from the minister, so I raised a point of order and never raised a statement of facts for them to come with answers.”

And Nkombo advised Ngulube to focus his debates on the thieving in PF.

“Maybe to end the story, Mr Tutwa should not hide behind his finger because they are trying to disguise the issue these 48 houses that grew like mushrooms, we all know there is a lot of thieving within PF, we know that, it’s not a secret. We know that people cannot account for the stuff that they have. We know that, it’s not a contested matter. So in performing my duty, there is no other way I could have authenticated that letter apart from bringing a question in the form of a point of order, so if Mr Ngulube thinks that I am immoral, I leave it up to his judgement and the judgement of the Zambian people. The Zambian people want answers and there are answers that are required, including what they call lifestyle audit by the people in government who came to government in tatters and now they are looking like wealthy human beings, we want answers,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nkombo wondered why Ngulube was questioning his morality when his own moral standing was much more questionable.

“They have to be accountable so they shouldn’t hide behind that point of order and start calling for my morality. If we were to go on a scale of morality, I can assure you, the scale would tilt downwards towards Tutwa but I don’t want to talk about his moral being. For him to question my morality, I take great reservation. The public should not be misguided that I authored the letter, I did not. So if Mr Ngulube is an idle mind, which is the devils workshop, he shouldn’t bring it towards me, I am a busy guy, I am extremely busy,” said Nkombo.