PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says the ruling party has the power to stop National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili from traveling to any part of the country.

And Mwila has ordered all PF structures in the Country to put Kambwili on house arrest next time he insults President Edgar Lungu.

Meanwhile PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has told party members to sing “who let the dogs out” whenever they hear Kambwili’s name.

Speaking when Chawama PF supporters staged a peaceful protest against Kambwili at the party secretariat in Lusaka, Thursday, Mwila said he had the ability to to give instructions to stop Kambwili from traveling in the country.

“Kuti tulyefwaya, kuti tamaking’a sure that Kambwili tale yenda, we have the capacity as a party. Not nga twaikala tondolo ati we are weak (if we want, we can make sure that Kambwili doesn’t move, we have the capacity as a party. Don’t think that when we stay silent, then we are weak). We are not weak this party has the capacity to stop Kambwili [from] traveling the entire part of the country. Starting from today, I can give instructions,” Mwila said.

He told party members that the party would have peaceful protests against the insults being thrown at President Lungu for seven days staring with Kanyama today (Friday).

“Chawama is the home of the President and as PF, we are very much proud because the President comes from Chawama and the President has not forgotten about the people of Chawama. So Chawama people are very good people and I want to say that for you to come today, you have done the right thing. President Edgar Lungu is President of this country, President of PF and when he is President of this party, it means he is government property, he is state property, he is President of all Zambians, including uyu mwaiche (this young boy) Kambwili,” he said.

“I know Kambwili likulilo tabwakulilo wino, umugulu. Ubushilu, muntu alapola. Umugulu takwaba ukupola (He was not brought up well, he full of foolishness. Madness can be cured but foolishness cannot be cured). And I want to say that this a peaceful demonstration and we are going to continue demostrating for seven days. Tomorrow, we are going to Kanyama and nobody will stop us.”

Mwila vowed that the PF was geared to protect President Lungu from insults at all costs.

“We are here because of President Edgar Lungu under and as a party we have to defend him. Here in Lusaka we are geared to ensure we protect him from all the insults from uyu mwaiche (this boy) Chishimba Kambwili,” he said.

And Mwila instructed all party structures in the country to put Kambwili on house arrest if he insults the president again.

“Ba Chairman, I have received your petition with all my hands. Citizen arrest is within the law. If someone has stolen, then you arrest him and take him to the police, you are not against the law. So, as Secretary General of the Party now, I am giving instructions: on, in all the districts of this party, if Kambwili insults the President in Lwingu, please arrest him. Any structure that will not take action, I will take action against them,” warned Mwila.

“Icibemba nalanda ati ichikope napela kuma structures chakutila ati Kambwili atukana ku Lwingu or ku Mansa kumwikata nokumu twala ku Police (I will say this in Bemba, I have given instructions that if Kambwili insults in Lwingu or Mansa, arrest him and take him to the police). On Saturday, the President is coming here. All of us are going to give solidarity to the President, we are going to take all the structures in Lusaka…we have to shown them our true colors, this is a political issue and we will take it political. This is not a legal issue, we are not in church, [I repeat], we are not in church, we are politicians and I will handle this matter politically.”

Meanwhile, Phiri told party members to sing “who let the dogs out” whenever they hear Kambwili’s name.

“So nomba tulechita fwe nga twaunfwa fye ishina yaba Kambwili twayabako uku bosa (so now, what we are going to be doing is that if hear Kambwili’s name, we will be barking), who let the dogs the out woof-woof, who let the dogs out, woof-woof,” said Phiri.