Deregistered National Democratic Congress (NDC) party spokesperson Saboi Imboela has warned that the PF are creating a society of violent norms, which nobody, including themselves, will survive.

Reacting to PF Secretary General Davies Mwila, who, on Thursday, ordered PF structures countrywide to effect a house arrest on Chishimba Kambwili if he insulted President Lungu again, Imboela complained that the PF had degenerated to that extent of promoting violence.

She cautioned that the level of violence being instigated would engulf everyone, including themselves.

“I went to the PF’s live stream and the comments that where there, 99 per cent of them were just shouting! The people and the demonstrators were clearly not Chawama residents per say, but just PF members. So, at the end of the day, what the PF has been doing is not good to unleash their cadres who are already violent. We are already suffering from PF violence and then they even want to strengthen that by giving such an order! Violence begets violence; it doesn’t mean that when they become violent, everybody will be watching them. They are going to create a society where violence becomes a norm and nobody is going to survive it! So, at the end of the day, it is uncalled for, it is very…for lack of a better word very very shameful that they can go that extent,” Imboela said in an interview.

“It is very, very unfortunate that the PF can go to that extent. You know, this is a country which I think MMD fought so hard to bring democracy here. Unfortunately, under the PF, the little democracy we are supposed to be nurturing, they have taken everything out of the door. From what happened yesterday (Thursday), it’s just one critical case that shows you that where a government becomes so autocratic, one of the things they will touch on is the judicial system, the public order and stuff like that.”

She said genuine demonstrations were needed against the high cost of living rather than on Kambwili’s alleged defamatory statement.

“Institutions that are supposed to protect people are no longer protecting people. And now, they have gone further to unleash violence on ordinary citizens. I actually went there to see who, really, in this day and era can demonstrate against that statement when they have bigger issues of mealie meal, 48 houses, which they would like to demonstrate about,” she wondered.

And she lamented that there was no partiality in the country’s current governance system.

“There is not partiality at all. It took them less than two, three days to get our president and then have their protest and did all those things that they are talking about. NDC, UPND all other political parties they would go there and protest over something that is very good, let’s say mealie meal prices, the issue of the CBU (Copperbelt University), but you find that they wont be given a permit. Everybody knows it is not even supposed to be a permit; we are just supposed to give notice to the police and within seven days, they are just supposed to give notice to the police and within seven days, they are supposed to conclude with us to tell us you can go ahead with your activity,” said Imboela.