Good governance activist MacDonald Chipenzi has challenged PF parliamentary chief whip Brian Mundubile and his deputy Tutwa Ngulube to relinquish their Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) membership if they do not agree with the Association’s position on the Constitution Amendment Bill No. 10 of 2019.

LAZ has dragged the President of Zambia, the Attorney General and the Speaker of the National Assembly to court over the decision to alter the Republican Constitution through the Constitution Amendment Bill No.10 of 2019.

The move has seen a uproar from association members, especially those aligned to the ruling party, including Ngulube and Mundubile.

But in an interview, Chipenzi said if the two don’t want to relinquish their LAZ memberships they should just shut up.

“We are challenging them, especially that Honourable Brian Mundubile is a lawyer and Tutwa Ngulube is a lawyer, and both of them are called chief Whip and deputy Chief Whip of the PF. They are part of the Law Association of Zambia and, therefore, they cannot exclude themselves from the actions of the Law Association of Zambia. If they are not happy, let them resign on moral grounds because they cannot cling on something that they say has done a bad thing and at the same time, they are part of it. That is hypocrisy and pretence of the worst order! It would be good if others, who are not members of the Law Association of Zambia champion the other side and not the lawyers themselves,” said Chipenzi.

“We are challenging Honourable Mundubile and Honourable Tutwa Ngulube to resign from LAZ so that they can have the moral right to start speaking against the legal route that LAZ has taken against Bill No. 10. If they don’t want to resign, then let them shut their mouth! We don’t want people who have double tongues! Let them resign if they are not part or agreeable to the lawsuit LAZ has taken to the ConCourt. There is no way they can be castigating LAZ over a collective decision over which they are party to and at the same time claiming to be supporting a different cause. That is pretence and hypocrisy as members of the association! Let them come out in the open and declare where they truly belong: LAZ or not! Are they party to the litigation as LAZ members or not? And by virtue of being faithful members of LAZ, they are party to the litigation,” said Chipenzi.