National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili says he is a clean politician who has nothing to hide.

And Kambwili has insisted that he will not fall for the PF’s tricks to have him re-join the ruling party by de-registering his NDC.

Musenge, the ousted NDC secretary general, recently advised Kambwili to start treating other politicians with respect if he did not want them to wash his dirty linen in public, cautioning that Kambwili would be finished if certain issues were “unpacked” about him.

But reacting to this in an interview, Kambwili challenged Musenge to reveal whatever it is he knew about him.

“Tell Mwenya Musenge that I challenge him to say the things that he knows about me that are going to make me ‘finished’ as he put it. I have no fear of anybody. Like I have always said, I am a very clean politician. I went into government and I never did any stupid deal or any deal like others do. I came out of government clean and I still insist I am a very clean politician. If I did anything wrong while in government, I could have been jailed by now. So, Mwenya Musenge must not create an impression that there is something that I had done in government. I challenge him today to reveal what he knows about me that will finish me. That statement from him was just to try and create an impression to the people that I am I wrongdoer, but I challenge him today to release that information. If he won’t release, then he’s a coward, let him say what he knows about me that I did in government. Let him not create an impression and mislead the people of Zambia, I am not like them, I am very clean,” Kambwili said.

And reacting to PF media director Sunday Chanda’s appeal for him to re-join the ruling party and forget about the “dead” NDC, Kambwili rubbished the plea, saying he would explore alternative avenues in his quest to fight the party’s de-registration.

“NDC is not dead and it has never died, is Sunday Chanda a judge? Unless he’s telling us that he has compromised all the judges. Zambia is not a lawless country and I don’t think they can compromise the Judiciary. Why are they scared of us going to the next step? The channels have not been exhausted, how can you say that the party is dead? And how can Mwenya Musenge say that the party is dead? [Home affairs minister Stephen] Kampyongo is not the final authority. By the way, the only institution that is mandated to interpret the law is the court. The Minister is not mandated, the Registrar of Societies is not mandated. Parliament makes laws and the Executive implements, but the onus of interpretation of the law is on the courts. Kampyongo quoted section 22 of the Registrar’s Act in saying that the Registrar was on solid ground to de-register NDC. Contrary to his claim, Section 22 of the Registrar’s Act simply says that the Registrar has power to de-register or cancel the certificate of a political party if their constitution is repugnant to any written law,” said Kambwili.

“Now, how is the NDC constitution repugnant to any written law? The section Kampyongo quoted talks about something else, it speaks about if in your constitution you say ‘we are going to be killing all the Zambians or we shall involve ourselves in terrorism’, that’s what that section says. But by having a lacuna in a constitution, it’s not being repugnant with any written law, it’s not. That is why the next step is to go to court because it’s only the courts that are mandated by the Constitution to interpret the Act. So, Sunday Chanda cannot be saying that NDC is gone. And if this is what they were doing to try and kill NDC for me to go back to PF, baloba ilyauma, I will not. I will not go back to PF.”