National Democratic Congress (NDC) party leader Chishimba Kambwili says those who think that the opposition alliance is dead are headed for a big shock.

And Kambwili says there has never been a time in the history of Zambia where wild animals have been shared like is the case under the current PF administration.

Meanwhile, Kambwili has appealed to Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo and the Registrar of Societies to cancel the registration certificate of the New Development Congress (NDC) party which was registered by Mwenya Musenge in order to avoid unnecessary litigation.

Speaking at a press briefing at his Woodlands residence in Lusaka Wednesday, Kambwili said the opposition alliance was still alive and kicking.

“Those who think the alliance between NDC and the ten political parties is dead, you are headed for a big shock because the alliance is still alive and kicking. And as NDC, we are more than committed to the alliance. Watch the space,” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili challenged the Ministry of Tourism and Arts to publish a list of names for all the people who had been given wild animals under the ongoing animal capturing exercise.

“There has never been a time in the history of this country opo inama bayakana nga ofyo mwakene (where people shared wild animals like the way you are sharing them) under this administration. You go to the roads and steal, on electricity again you steal, you even increase your salaries, and now you have started sharing wild animals. I challenge the minister in charge of tourism to publish a list of the people that have been given animals under this thing you are calling ‘transfer of wild animals to private individuals.’ We want to know those private individuals. I know them and I can outline some of them, and they are all close to State House, they are all close to PF, and they are all close to the president. You just want to steal everything including animals. Am sure from animals you will start stealing government vehicles,” Kambwili said.

“Can we provide leadership. Your Excellence the President, where is your voice? That this country can be bleeding like this. And you even go on TV saying ‘no, the black Lechwes have not disappeared, they have gone to Langeni Ranch.’ If they have gone to Langeni, who then owns Langeni? A fact is a fact, you have shared the wild animals. Way back when coming from the Copperbelt, you would see Kalulus crossing the road but this time you can see any because you have shared them all. What kind of a government are you?”

Meanwhile, Kambwili appealed to the Registrar of Societies to cancel the registration certificate of Musenge’s NDC.

“I want to appeal to the Registrar of Societies and the Minister of Home Affairs comrade Kampyongo to behave and act in accordance with the law that governs the offices that they are occupying. It is not long ago that Miles Sampa and some other people intended to register political parties. You remember that in 2016, Miles Sampa even ended up in court where he wanted to register a party called United Patriotic Front. The Registrar of Societies refused to clear that name stating that there is no way that you can register a party with PF when there is a PF existing. He (Sampa) changed the name to Democratic Front, again because it had the letters PF on it, the registrar refused to clear the name and they ended up in court. Now, are you not surprised that today, there is another group of people claiming to have registered a political party with the initials NDC?” he asked.

“We are a National Democratic Congress party then there is another New Development Congress party. And you know that during elections, they don’t put the whole name on the ballots. They only put initials. Now, how is the ballot going to be with NDC political parties? I don’t want to talk about Mwenya Musenge and his manoeuvres but I want to warn those who have got government positions which have got terms of reference and procedure to be followed, that you risk being taken to court if indeed this New Development party is registered. And to our colleague Mwenya Musenge, why do you want to stick to NDC? You told the whole world that you are moving on. There are so many names of political parties [but] why do you want your political party to be called NDC? I want to warn the registrar and comrade Kampyongo that if this political party is indeed registered and the name is cleared, can you cancel that registration to avoid unnecessary litigations. We are going to send our lawyers to go and do a search at the registrar.”

Kambwili said instead of insulting each other through social media voice notes, the frustrated PF members should join NDC so that he offers them “Imbwili leadership”.

“I feel sorry for the people who are in PF. Now they are just insulting each other on voice notes. Insulting each other will not take you anywhere. What you need is to get out of PF. Come and join the NDC [so that] together, we fight to remove this government so that I can come and give you “Imbwili leadership.” What kind of selfishness is this? Now ministers are grabbing the Black Mountain from the youths when they are already being paid K80 000. And the president is quiet. He cannot tell his ministers to stay out of these issues which are embarrassing him,” said Kambwili.