I don’t like to be going back discussing issues about the MMD because it will be like I don’t trust my colleagues who are currently running the party, says Rupiah Banda.

Last week, MMD president Nevers Mumba lamented that he had cried out and pleaded with the fourth Republican President to support him as president but that his cries were in vain.

Speaking when he featured on Hot FM’s Hot Seat programme, Mumba narrated how he repeatedly tried to solicit for former president Banda’s endorsement and forgiveness for past wrongs.

“All I am asking for is that give me love back! How long will I continue to stretch out to show the commitment and love to them and what I get in return is continuous attacks and fights? When I came back from Canada, the first person I went to see was president Rupiah Banda to do two things: I went to his house and I said, ‘sir, I want to thank you for having appointed me High Commissioner to serve my nation, I was greatly honoured. Second of all, I want you to support me as I have been asked to run for the Presidency in this country and I need your guidance in doing that.’ When there were these problems between him and myself, the Church called us in front of bishops at EFZ (Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia) buildings. I knelt down before president Banda and asked for his forgiveness so that we could run the party together properly,” said Mumba.

“Again, when I realized nothing much changed in that scenario; not too long ago, I think a year and a half ago, I drove off to his house, together with my vice-president, again, I pleaded with him and asked for forgiveness if there is anything I had done. I continued to do this. One time we met in one of the lawyers’ offices and when I heard what he wanted to do, I cried in front of him and asked for his support and he told me, ‘no don’t cry, when a pastor cries, it is a bad omen!’ But I said, ‘sir, I want you to know that I have been seeking your support as my elder brother so that we re-build this party so I have done what I could in trying to reach out to my friends.”

But in a brief interview, Banda said he had already handed over power to Mumba and does not want to go back to resume discussions on the MMD.

“As you know, I am former president of the country and former president of the party (MMD) and, eventually, I handed over power to him (Nevers Mumba). I don’t like to be going back discussing issues about the party because it will be like I don’t trust my colleagues who are running the party,” said Banda.