The People Alliance for Change PAC has sacked party deputy secretary general Vincent Chintu and dropped Mwansa Chama from his position as party spokesperson for “conniving with Harry Kalaba’s Democratic Party in trying to destabilize the party”.

In a statement, Tuesday, PAC acting spokesperson Limba Mumbi stated that some senior party members had been working against the party’s visions and plans by enticing party structures to defect to the DP.

“It has come to the attention of the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) party that a group of people who held senior party positions have been working against the vision and plans of the party. The same team has been calling all structures across the country to entice them to defect to the Democratic Party with the aim of portraying a picture that the party is paralyzed, has ceased operations and that all structures have defected. Which are total lies! This is unacceptable and we shall not fall in the politics of the highest bidder,” Mumbi stated.

“While we have noticed the Democratic Party has played politics of the highest bidder since coming on the scene a few months ago, including the staged defections of some of our new members last week we have watched from side-lines as we do not need members in our party who have a price tag. The Democratic Party is playing this game to portray a false picture that they are the fastest growing political party in Zambia. This is unacceptable.”

Mumbi stated that the party would not pay people to stay in the party as members.

“We want to advise the people of Zambia that we shall not be held at ransom to pay people to stay in the party and those political parties that wish to buy people just as the Democratic Party has played recently are free to do so. But this depicts the highest levels of desperation of any political party. Staging defections with the aim of damaging the images of other political parties has not been our game. Our game is to preach the vision,” Mumbi said.

“We are not desperate for drama where a few kwachas are paid to innocent members of the public in these hard economic times and parade them in the name of defections. We have a vision and we shall not sway from the vision to respond to desperate political parties and individuals. We want people who will join PAC to serve, not to come and survive. We want to warn the Democratic Party that we shall not sit idle as they get on rampage to destroy our image in the name of politics. Stick to your lane and we shall stick to ours.”

Mumbi stated that the staged defections orchestrated by the DP would not disturb the administration of the party as it would continue speak on issues affecting the economy among others.

“It is for this reason that any defections that are being staged do not reflect the truth of the position of the party. We have bigger plans for our party, its members and we shall continue to preach policies of improving our economy, creating jobs, empowering small businesses as well as tapping the untapped potential of this country. We want to put it on record that we are disappointed in the manner the Democratic Party is trying to do its politics given the period they have been on the political scene. We expected more from them than what we have seen thus far,” stated Banda.

“It is for this reason that People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) President Andyford Mayele Banda the party executive has with immediate effect relieved Mr. Vincent Chintu of his position as Deputy Secretary General. The party has also dropped Mr. Mwansa Chama as party Spokesperson and both cease to be members of the party with immediate effect.”

Meanwhile, speaking when he joined the DP, Chintu claimed Banda had given him his blessings.

“We are not here to wash dirty linen in the public but all I can say is that before coming here, I had a talk with my president, Mr Andyford Mayele Banda, I had to say bye and he knows what is happening of course and he gave me blessings and the blessings, I have brought them here,” said Chintu.

“We thought we should look for a team to work with because elsewhere it has been very difficult to work. But we thought we need to mobilise and see how we can work for this great nation of Zambia. Before coming here, of course we had to shop around and we thought it’s only the Democratic Party, under the leadership of president Harry Kalaba where I think we can work together and highlight the issues that we being faced by Zambians, the problems that we can solve together in order to form government in 2021.”