National Democratic Congress president Chishimba Kambwili has accused the PF of syphoning money from Konkola Copper Mines to fund party activities.

In an interview Kambwili observed that major supply contracts being awarded by KCM were given to PF party officials.

He cited the recent allocation of a contract worth over $700,000 to Copperbelt PF chairman Nathan Chanda’s company.

“When Milingo (Lungu) was taken there as a liquidator I did allude to the fact that it was illegal for a liquidator to start running operations of the company, and also this person is a PF party official. Look at what has been happening now, all contracts are being given to the officials of PF! On the issue of contract that was given to Nathan Chanda’s company I am still collecting evidence and I have collected 80 percent of evidence before the matter is reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission. That one was a pure act of corruption! When that job was invited Nathan Chanda’s company never even went to a site visit to begin with. They were only three companies that bid for that Job, and that company by Nathan Chanda was not there. The equipment that is required to do that job, Nathan doesn’t have it. Even if you go to his workshop today there is nothing! They just make blocks. That is a high specialised job with specialised machines, he doesn’t have those machines,” Kambwili said.

He said Chanda’s company was not capable of carrying out the duties required in the contract and vowed to report the matter to ACC.

“Those jobs were usually done in KCM by Lamasat [and] Central African Engineering, specialised companies. How on earth can it go to a company that only does small construction at a very small level? I think the highest level that company has done in construction is just about K5 million. Now you jump from K5 million to go and be given a job of almost $736 000? And by the way, just mobilisation other companies that have done that job for mobilisation is only $20 000. On that one Mobilisation is $128 000. They are syphoning money from KCM to run PF,” he charged.

“People will answer and the only think I can tell my young brother Nathan is not to accept to do that job because that job will leave him in problems. I will give the matter to ACC to investigate. This country is bleeding, there is nothing that has been done in terms of fighting corruption. KCM has been in existence for a long time and that job has been there. There are people who are experienced in that job. That company for Nathan Chanda doesn’t even have a single idea of doing that job. Now the question is how was the job awarded to them?”

According to a search, the contract awarded to FM and CBN Company Limited on November 19 involved “Hope piping works for TD5 rehabilitation” valued at $730,030.00 broken down into mobilisation and demobilisation valued at US$108,270.00; hire of crane equipment and lifting (TACKLS and LNG) valued at $227,226.000; fabricating, dismantling and laying of HDPF pipes to cost $361,540,000; and excavating of the ground and soft soil valued at $39,000.00.